YouTubesday: Support Team Awesome!

Hands down, two of the cool and most creative people I know are my brother, Keane Fine, and my friend, Zach Swee. Besides being incredible and loyal friends, they are fun and adventurous. Take for example their 24 hour trip down to the Dominic Republic on $20 plane tickets. Or their European backpack excursion. Or you might be intrigued by their Superior Human Being competition. Needless to say they are awesome people.

Anyways, they have both created videos for a contest by STA Travel for a world traveling summer internship. So, as you can see, today’s YouTubesday will be highlighting their cool and creative videos. Take five minutes and learn about the two coolest people I know. And feel free to use the links to go straight to youtube and rate, comment and share the videos there.

Keane Fine – Team Awesome I

Zach Swee – Team Awesome II

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