YouTubesday: Music Makes the World Go Around

I’ve accumulated a lot of music videos of varying kinds in my YouTube favorites folder, so I figured I should post them. They don’t necessarily relate to each other in any way. Enjoy.

Hey Ya! Cover song (4:31)

This Too Shall Be Made Right – Video to Derek Webb’s song (3:47)

Tonya Watts “Cumberland Angels” [I came across this video when searching for some news about the panhandling in downtown Nashville, It’s a neat video, though I’m not normally a country fan. Anyone whose ever hung out downtown with the cool people down there should recognize Emma]

Dmx – Lord Give Me a Sign (3:32)

KT Tunstall “Black Horse & The Cherry Tree” on Jools

3 thoughts on “YouTubesday: Music Makes the World Go Around”

  1. Woah, I used to listen to a lot of rap in middle school, and I remember listening to DMX rap about murder and promiscuity. Looks like he’s changed quite a bit!

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