YouTubesday: Mos Def for Prez, ACORN, and Hopeline

Mos Def is President:

The truth about ACORN (seriously, take a minute to listen to this. Just to set the record straight):

Hopeline (I found this video touching because of the fact that the primary contibuters are young people):

Gosh, I keep trying to ditch the political stuff but it keeps coming up.

4 thoughts on “YouTubesday: Mos Def for Prez, ACORN, and Hopeline”

  1. Hmmm…well…I tried. But I have no sound apparently. There must be a flashplayer update I missed recently cause it only seems to be a youtube issue. I’ll try and work it out tomorrow and then come back. Just posting this totally irrevelent information so I’ll get a subscription reminder in the morning. I love Mos Def. 🙂


  2. Ariah,

    The ACORN video seems to focus more on McCain and Palin then ACORN itself. It is a Brave New World productions, which would definitely give it a slant. However, current legal investigations are not really discussed. Also, the number of voters by ACORN is misleading since a large percentage were thrown out due to irregularities. Another significant portion were simply changes of address. The closer number of newly registered voters is 1/3 of the claim.

    I think this video does not clear things up at all. There are relevant articles in major and minor, national and local, lefty and righty media that seriously criticize ACORN for its methods and potential legal violations.


  3. Goose,
    Can you give me some news sources for the voter fraud stuff your talking about?

    I’m super against voter fraud, but I’ve never heard mention of it or attention to it (from the Republicans) until the very end of this election. So, I’m just sort of surprised it suddenly became an issue.

    Send me the links, I’ll gladly read them.

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