YouTubesday: Consuming Kids, The Commercialization of Childhood

We just watched this amazing documentary, based off a fascinating book called Consuming Kids. It’s an eye opening documentary about the way children are marketed to beginning at a very young age. It’s a must watch film for anyone who has kids, works with kids, or plans on interacting with a child at any point in their life.

Below is the five minute trailer for the documentary which will give you just a taste of what it is about:

If that peeked your interest it’s time to get ahold of the actual DVD and host a screening in your area. Or, if you live in Minneapolis you can come check out the screening I’m hosting on May 22nd. And for those who aren’t interested in either of those options, I found the whole thing on Youtube… Enjoy.

10 thoughts on “YouTubesday: Consuming Kids, The Commercialization of Childhood”

  1. Thanks for passing this along. Adam and I both want to watch it soon… if we can stay awake long enough to watch it after we wrestle the kids to sleep. 🙂

    Before our first was born, I knew that I wanted to keep things simple re: kid STUFF. It hasn't been terribly difficult yet as they are only 2 years old and 7 months old (and since I'm cheap). I know that as our kids get older it is going to take a ton of creativity to fight our consumerism-crazed culture and to keep them focused on things that really matter. Hope the screening went well!

  2. Tara,
    I'm pretty sure if you search Youtube you'll find the video available in 7 parts. It's a must watch and well worth it. It'll definitely take creativity to address the consumer culture, but there is huge benefits to starting early.
    Thanks for checking in, and feel free to comment or offer questions or suggestions with parenting stuff any time.

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