Why I am was at Wheaton

Before I walked into my room on the sixth floor of Traber dorm at Wheaton College, I had taken the time to sit down and write a statement to myself about why I was going to be spending the next few years of my life in that place.  Writing out this mission statement was probably the most impacting and influencial step I took in making my time in college worthwhile. 
For those new and current students who come across this post, I strongly encourage you to write your own statement and post it in a prominent place in your room.  Because I was intentional about them, most of the statements below of proven true.


I believe God has called me here.
1.He got me in despite my shortcomings
2.He’s provided the finances to be here

I am at one of the best Christian academic schools in the world because God wants me here.

God has called me here to…
-Learn about him and his work in many areas.
-To interact and study under some of the smartest Christians in their particular field in the world, and learn to glorify God in that area.
-To be a part of a body of young people eager for God
-To get a degree (because I have been afforded this opportunity)
-To be a light of God’s truth to the people around me
-To root myself in the factual evidence of God’s truth that I may stand on that firm foundation of God’s word.

“…And we take Captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.”
–I Cor. 10:5

When I think about my time at Wheaton I undoubtedly think of the many wonderful friendships that I have built through my time there.  I also look back with few regrets about where my priorities were.  There are many who look back wishing they had went to more classes, read more of the books, visited with more of the professors.  No one I know wishes they had slept through more of their college years.  I say all this to encourage current Wheaton students and any other college students to be intentional about your time.  The parties will be forgotten. 

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  1. I found your blog through a comment to a creator of Xanga, and traced it back here. It’s pretty ironic that, while I’m procrastinating right now, I found this mission statement, which I really needed to see. While I’m pretty sure that the education at Biola isn’t at the same level as Wheaton (I’m not sure about this because I honestly did not research any Christian colleges outside of California), but I didn’t intend on coming here nor can I afford it, but I when people ask me why I came here my only answer is that God brought me here for his purpose, and seeing your mission statement just reaffirmed to me that I really need to studying and live intentionally. My problem is that I am very good at organizing, planning, setting myself up for success, but I never follow through, and that would be my greatest downfall. I complain about a lack of motivation but that really needs to start with me, and that’s something I’m going to work on as I finish out this semester. I’m sorry if this is a bit rantish, but I appreciate seeing this here, and I’m sure I came upon it not randomly, but for a greater reason. I’m going to add you to my subscriptions at Xanga, if that’s alright with you.

    Thank you, and God bless.

    – Tyler

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