When Marketing Is Unethical: Casinos

photo credit: https://tryingtofollow.com/wp-content/linkedimages/upload/static.flickr.com/7/6057988_527d238c09_m.jpgWho knows if this will become a regular series, but I’ve definitely ran across enough stories to keep it going if I wanted to. This recent one is about a Casino being fined $800,000 for sending marketing material to recovering gambling addicts who had voluntarily signed-up to be banned from all casinos. In other words, the casino was enticing addicts to gamble even after they asked to be excluded.

From the Chicago Tribune (ht. AAA)

The Illinois Gaming Board on Monday fined Hollywood Casino in Aurora $800,000 and suspended three managers for sending promotional materials to problem gamblers who asked to be banned from casinos in the state.

It’s the largest fine the board has ever levied for such an infraction….

The voluntary program allows problem gamblers to cut off their access to state casinos. The exclusion includes promotional materials intended to entice customers to visit.

Ethical? What do you think?

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