3 thoughts on “We will Not Be Silenced”

  1. I really liked this video and felt that what it said has some powerful message that I only hope would be spread more and more. Thank you for posting this.

    Do you think that we could truely start a peace movement in our society in the U.S. today the same way MLK Jr. did in his time? Non-violence IS the answer, I believe, to ending the cycle of violence and oppression, but how do you make people aware of thier importance in that movement?

  2. How can I direct link to the flash like you did?

    I was convicted to the core…been drifting recently in this area. I feel SUCH a need to explain and cover and skirt around the edges so much because I’m afraid others will write me off. This man did NOT. And how to achieve a balance of speaking truth in this way and in the just as valid nuanced way that slides into the subconscious of others over time is HARD.

    Thank you for posting this.

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