Upon Returning From The Wilderness

We are back out of the wilderness and fun that was PAPA fest. It was a good time, I might blog about it a little later, good and disappointing, but overall it was a nice little trip. The kiddo did great with tent camping and handled the hot summer days pretty well.

We aren’t home yet, we stopped to visit our good friends in Iowa, praying they have a baby before we leave, but not sure if that’s gonna happen (no pressure). It’s just been great to sit and talk and relax and spend time with them.

I sat down and checked my email yesterday for the first time since last Wednesday and something profound occurred… none of it was all that important. I mean there were some voicemail (I get it through email) and a feel emails I replied to, but overall, I probably could have gone another week without checking it.

Another thing occurred to me as I checked my blog as well, the one thing driving my consistency in having a daily blog post is that I know I have an audience. And though that’s definitely a good reason, it shouldn’t be the only reason. There are a lot of local projects and groups I’m trying to get involved in and that means turning more of my attention in that direction. That might result in less attention here. We’ll just have to see. Sorry, for the rather random personal update. But thanks for continuing to read.

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