Thinking again…

After too long of a hiatus I’m starting to write again, I had to catch up on where we were, and I was struck by this comment left on the last post:

“Maybe one of your future posts can discuss why you focus on Jesus’ words as opposed to God’s? They’re the same person, right? So they can’t think two different things.”

I’m certainly in agreement that the words of Christ and the words of God are not contrary, and I certainly hope you don’t feel I’m addressing one and not the other (how can I if they are the same?). I do feel strongly though, that as Christians, Christ words are essential for gaining proper insight into the Old Testament passages.

I really hope to dispel this idea that Christians against the war ignore the Old Testament, while those for it focus only on it (guess I’m not doing good, starting with the New Testament though).
So, let’s think about the implications the Matthew 5 passage has on our understanding of the Old Testament verse it references, as well as other OT passages.
I agree, I don’t think Christ was negating the OT law. Christ didn’t say that if someone takes your eye that’s all well and good. Nor did he even imply that a “life for life” was some how wrong, or not just. What Christ DID say is that Your place, as his follower, is to not resist that evil person. We’ll get into what he said after this which I think is the crux of this passage, probably in another post. The point I want to make is this: In no way am I trying to ignore the Old Testament; What I am doing is looking at the OT in the lense of the New Testament, and I think that is hugely important in ALL that we do.

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