The Research Institute of Mother and Child Care is a SCAM

(Long specific title in hopes of landing high on a google search for the The Research Institute of Mother and Child Care)

Today, Mindy and I received a fairly plain letter in the mail from The Research Institute of Mother and Child Care asking us to fill out a few page survey about ‘feeding methods.’ In my initial glance it struck me as a small non-profit research group gathering data to benefit mother’s and children. So, Mindy and I decided to take a few minutes and fill out the survey.

About five minutes into the survey I start thinking about the questions, they are way to specific about infant formula marketing. Questions like, “Check the brands of free infant formula samples you received” and if formula was used “how was the brand fed chosen”? It sounded fishy, so I looked all over the letter and survey to find contact info. Nothing listed but a P.O. Box in Columbus Ohio, and a google business listings showed nothing in Columbus by that name either. So, I did a google search and found a few other websites and parents that had similar suspicions. Sure enough, The Research Institute of Mother and Child Care is a division of Abbott Labs, a pharmaceutical company, that makes Similac and Isomil (Infant Formulas).

This type of deceptive market research should be illegal, Absolutely illegal. First of all, It’s extremely deceptive. The title of the ‘Institute’, the way they frame what they are doing and even their logo, convey to me that I’m doing something important for the health and well being of children and mothers. My impression was that the institute was pro-breastfeeding or at the least an un-bias research group. Secondly, This survey is gathering extremely in-depth market research about mother’s and their choices for feeding their children. Though, the survey isn’t convincing them of anything, the information they gather from the survey will better prepare them to convince you to buy their formula. This survey also helps Abbott Labs gather detailed information about their competitors. The Bottom Line is that the end motivation for a company like Abbott Labs to put out a survey like this is to make money and figure out how to make more money. They aren’t looking out for the best interest of babies, they are looking to fatten their wallets.

I’m terribly bothered by this and the thought that millions of other new parents are receiving the same letter nation wide. So, I figure we need to do something about it. I decided to start a petition. I’m not sure this is the best way to get things started, but it ‘s something. I haven’t finished editing the Petition, but I gave a basic explanation of what it’s about. I’ll add a video later.

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  1. I think what we need are more independent third party studies. The fact is that our government uses the data that Abbott/Ross collects. Why are they relying on industry “studies” when there is so much potential for bias?

    Take a look at the growth charts that your baby’s doctor uses. They were created by Abbott/Ross using data from a time when the overwhelming majority of babies were not breastfed at all much less exclusively as recommended by independent health experts (not to mention God given common sense). Many moms quit breastfeeding or give unnecessary and harmful supplements to their babies because their babies are not deemed big enough by the formula companies (and, unfortunately, sometimes their ignorant doctors).

    The pharmaceutical companies make a lot of money from formula sales and the sale of all sorts of other pharmaceuticals to people who are unhealthy because they were fed formula. In 2003 the formula companies proved that they have the president of the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Secretary of the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services in their back pocket when they used these guys as tokens to water down breastfeeding public service announcements that were scheduled to begin airing that year. The PSAs were being compared to the Crash Test Dummies/Buckle Your Safety Belt PSAs in terms of quality and potential impact. But after the pharmaceutical companies got their hands into the mix, the PSAs were softed to the point of near uselessness. Read more here:

    1. Thank you so much for the info – I got the survey last week and did sound a little fishy – nice to find tall these comments and info in this forum

  2. Indie,

    Right on. I was reading about this a bit more yesterday. It’s crazy that our government uses their studies to make decisions. Right now though, I’d just like to see these “surveys” be a little more transparent. It should be clear they are coming from a maker of formula. They should also separate the questions used for government data and those used for their own market research.

    I’m going to look into the PSA thing a bit more too. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. The WHO has an “International Code of Marketing Breast-milk Substitutes”(i.e formula)which puts a lot of really strict restrictions on formula companies, including prohibiting free samples of formula and any direct marketing to consumers. They also include that: “Marketing personnel, in their business capacity, should not seek direct or indirect contact of any kind with pregnant women or with mothers of infants and young children.” I think that would cover this survey business…

    When this code was developed (the early 80s, I think) the U.S. was the only country involved that did not sign on…but, I believe this year we did sign on, so (supposedly) changes in the marketing of breastmilk substitutes should be changing in our country in the not too distant future…we’ll see…

    here’s where you can see the WHO code:

  4. We actually signed on to the WHO code during the Clinton administration but it does not have the force of law in the U.S. so the formula companies just ignore it. Even in some countries where it has been enacted into law the formula companies often circumvent it.

  5. Oops…I think I meant that there is about to be legislation in place to support this…something was said about this by a lactation consultant during lecture I was at a couple of weeks ago, but I can’t find anything to verify that…but it would be nice to see changes…

  6. Thank you for this information. I have gotten this survey for each of my 4 children. The first time I filled it out. The 2nd time I was more savvy. I never did the research, but I had a hunch a formula company was behind this. I agree, honest disclosure of who is paying for a survey should be required.

  7. I received this “survey” today. I thought it looked a little too formula biased and thought I’d look them up. It is unfortunate that they don’t disclose their true intentions. Thank you for researching them so others, like me, can know their true intentions.

  8. I just received this survey in the mail today and I also thought it was kind of fishy, so I did a quick search and found your blog confirming my suspicions. The letter is now going to my recycle pile. If they had sent me a survey that was not deceptive I would have answered, since I use one of their formula brands anyway. This type of scam is just gross.

  9. I received this survey in the mail today. I thought I would google the institute as well to see what they were about and found your blog. I actually like filling out surveys, but wished Abbott Labs was more honest in how they went about getting their info. I have no problem answering questions. I just wish they requested it in a more honest manor. So, the survey is going into my recycling pile. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. I just received the survey today and did a quick google search. I came across your website! UGH…I am publishing this on my online mommy board for all to see!

  11. They’re so sneaky!

    I also got this survey. I scribbled a note on a blank piece of paper and mailed it back in their pre-paid envelope (no survey because I think it has a barcode on it). I think I wrote something like, “Breast is Best,” and possibly something not so nice…

  12. I am so glad I found this blog. I too was unsure if this survey I received was suspicious and decided to research it. I agree with everyone else, if this were presented to the reader in a direct manner then I might have filled it out but NO WAY now. The ethics and integrity of companies these days….

  13. I just got this survey today and immediately found it very odd that there was so many specific formula inquiries. I searched it and found this site. I have filled it out with lots of comments to the side and will most likely mail it back in. I did let them know I thought they were a formula company and that I did not appreciate being sent the formula samples and checks.

    Formula companies irritate me so with the way they say “Breast is best” but then they make sure their samples are right there when new mothers find out breastfeeding isn’t easy at first. Many mothers stop breastfeeding and use the formula because it’s there, and of course that’s what the formula companies hope. Most of these mothers could have actually continued breastfeeding if they had been encouraged to do that rather than been encouraged to feed their babies artificial milk by the formula companies.

  14. I did find your blog through my google search for the so-called “Research Institute…” I figured it was a formula company fishing for info. I’ve been sitting on the survey for a while, because I’ve been busy breastfeeding : ) I think I’ll stick it in mail noting as much.

  15. This information was very useful I just received the “survey” in the mail and it seemed weird right off. Thanks for posting the information you found out, it is very much appreciated.

  16. I got this survey for a second time in about a year. I googled it the first time, then trashed the survey. I got a little madder the second time, so I found the phone number at the “nutrion department” of abbotts lab in Columbus. 614-624-7677 Let them know how you feel about the survey!!!!

  17. I just got the second one of these surveys (ignored the first as I thought it asked for too much info on me I was disinclined to provide). This time I started to look up info online and, in addition to finding this page, I also searched for the doctor who signed my letter (Michael Imeokparia, MD) on the Ohio Medical Board physician look up and found no listing. No big surprise.

    I think I will start keeping all of the formula coupons I get and send them back in the business reply envelope. If only I could figure out how to send them the formula samples I was sent. ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. I’M NOT EVEN A MOTHER–I’m a student in college. I keep receiving these surveys and coupons for formula (my mother keeps asking me if there’s something she needs to know). I’m glad I found this website AND I’m glad they send a postage-paid envelope. I’ll just go ahead and print this webpage off and send it back to them. Enjoy.

    I like how the comment box says to be polite…SCREW YOU.

  19. Student, you might have gotten on their list if you ever bought something from a place like Motherhood as a gift. Those places are awful about selling your info to the formula people.

  20. I just received the letter today…….last year when I found out I was pregnant I signed up for a lot of free stuff online only to have a miscarriage 3 months later. I now am receiving all kinds of baby stuff in the mail and in my email account, but no baby to get the stuff for. I wanted to call and ask them to take me off of the mailing list. I just gave it a quick look over and then started looking for contact info and found none. So I turned to the internet and that’s when I found this posting…..thank you so much for doing the research and finding out what the true intentions are behind this false survey.

  21. I’ve received this survey a couple times now. The first time I got it, I wanted to google it to see if it was legit or not but never got around to it so it ended up in the garbage. Now that I received it a second time, I took the time to look into it more.

    It doesn’t surprise me AT ALL that it is sent out by a company that makes the formulas. It’s obvious that they’re looking for information on what kind of forumla you’re buying and why.

    I think I’m going to send it back answering all the questions b/c I have never used a formula for my baby and never will, and they will see that in the responses I give. I like the one person’s comment that they were going to send them all the coupons for formula back to them! hehehe that also is a great idea! :O)

    It sounds like most of the people who have commented on this decided to just throw the survey away, but don’t you think it would be a great thing if this “research institute” received all kinds of surveys back indicating that the mother/parents DON’T use their formula and have no intention of using it in the future?? I could be wrong here b/c I don’t know what they do with your info if you send it back, but I also think it’s important that they know there are a LARGE number of parents who do not use formula and strickly breastfeed because it’s no question that breast milk IS the best for babies!

  22. I received this survey for a second time – probably since I decided not to send the first one back after all (I wrote something less than pleasant on it). On second thought and after reading the last post – I agree! Why not send it back and check the one box that needs to be counted? “BREASTMILK” !! This time I have written a note that is slightly more diplomatic asking the “Institute” to be transparent.

  23. Thank you so much for putting this information on your blog. I do participate in research studies through a local marketing group (housewares and appliances) and I knew the study was some thinly vailed piece of junk when I read it. Real market research doesn’t sound a bit like their survey.

    I made a nice little note “Breast is best!” on a 3×5 card and sent it back to them on their dime. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  24. Thanks for posting something about this survey online (since there were only 2 sites that mention this misleading survey and the “Institute”.) I not only exclusively breastfeed my daughter, but I also donate excess breastmilk to 2 different milk banks and to a local mom who is inducing lactation for her adopted daughter. Obviously, I feel that breastfeeding is a vital part of infant nutrition and I will be following the other’s leads and send a letter back to the “Institute” explaining how I feel about their survey and that I will be reporting them to the Better Business Bureau and the appropriate state and federal agencies for misleading advertising of their “Institute” and survey. Oh, and of course my support for breastfeeding not only my baby, but others too! I will fill out their survey so that my statistics are included in their research. At least I will know who I am sending my information to.

  25. Thanks for the research. We just received the Abbot survey and were wondering how legit it was. Well. it’s not.
    Thanks again

  26. In grad school, it was recommended that when we receive junk mail, we do the following:
    Tear up the enclosed papers and put them in the “no-postage neccesary” reply envelope. Then put that envelope in the mail w/ a note requesting not to receive any more junk mail.
    Ideally, if enough people did this, it would serve as does a boycott by causing the company to lose $ on that return postage and possibly respect the request for no more junk mail. I know it seems a little in-effective but a mountain can be moved one grain of sand at a time.
    I agree w/ your petition but couldn’t sign it because it was closed, so I think I’ll at least send my “junk” survey back w/ some sort of note…

  27. hey, your ‘long specific title’ worked, you came up no. 1 when I did a search. Just got this survey in the mail also – it was clearly (to me) for formula marketing, I looked it up to see what I could find out about it (if they were garnering names for a mailing list we wouldn’t have been top choice anyway – total breastfeeding, baby wearing, cloth diapering mama here – I don’t think they’re misleading in their statement of purpose. Not wholly truthful perhaps, but they don’t say they’re doing this for the public good or anything. Good luck with your quest though, anythign to keep an extra piece of junk mail out of my box gets my support!

  28. Out daughter received the survey in the mail. We thought it was because she is a senior in high school and taking a child development class because she wants to go into daycare after she graduates. Well, they talk in the letter like she is a mother. And she is not. She is not even pregnant. I also, tried to look for a contact number on the letter and found none. So, I decided to do research on the internet and found this website. Thank You and the best of luck.

  29. Thank you for your email. I was just about to fill it out before I decided to check it out and your post was the first thing I read. Thank you again for opening my eyes to the deceptiveness of these companies!

  30. I had just recieved this survey in the mail. I was filling it out and thought this was kind of fishy too. It had got my attention to google it when the had asked the name of the stores I purchase from and the zip code for my babys doctor. I did not even have a PO Box for this “Institute” or any kind of address.

    Good luck on the petition!!

  31. thank you and kudos.
    as if the prenatal marketing blitz wasn’t enough, it keeps coming and coming. aside from the privacy issues and wasted resource, it is truly misleading, dishonest and lacks any moral integrity whatsoever.

    abbott labs, michael imeokparia and everyone else associated with this bs should be ashamed.

  32. Thank you for this. This is the third survey I’ve received in my short 5 months of motherhood, the others I didn’t hesitate to fill out, but this one struck me as less intelligent and a little fishy with the photos of formula cans. So I looked all the surveys up online and as suspected the others were legit and thanks to your website, this one is hooey. I will send it back postage-free and tell them what I think about infant nutrition and their fake survey.

    Incidentally, I had exactly one appointment with and OB/GYN and all the rest with a private lay midwife and a homebirth, billed to insurance 4 months post-birth. And yet, I receive every 2 months coupons for infant formula. Thanks doctors for selling my info.

  33. I just received this survey in the mail a few days ago. I usually wouldn’t even bother to fill something like this out, but decided to since i’ve only ever breastfed my daughter (she’s 10 months now) and thought the info would be valuable to the “Institute”. Fortunately, I decided to research this before I mailed it in since I couldn’t find any contact info & thought that was fishy. This type of scam really pisses me off, therefore, this is what i’m going to do. The envelope included is postage paid by the company so lets see what the company thinks when THEY HAVE TO PAY FOR POSTAGE FOR A BOX WITH A BRICK IN IT. I encourage everyone to send theirs back the same way. See the following webpage-
    Well i’m off to a blue mail box!

  34. This is the 2nd survey I have received in the past 8 months. I sent the other one back with a note telling them that our daughter was stillborn in Nov. ’07. I asked please do not send another one cause it hurts to much. And lord behold they sent another today. I will do the same with this one and tell them .If I receive another one from them I will take legal action.

  35. You are so right. I was totally PEEVED when I got this completely deceptive survey as well. I am STILL trying to figure out how the hell they got my name and address!!! I was so secretive about this pregnancy to avoid all the marketing crap they pin on you. I didn’t register with any stores or websites and the only place that had my details was the hospital. I am afraid that the hospital sold my info to these companies. Am I just paranoid?

  36. I received the survey today and thank goodness I found this blog! Why doesn’t Abbott just disclose that they are behind the survey and why they are conducting it!!????

  37. I am not even pregnant! And I’ve been recieving samples for months. I just got the letter you talked about and googled it. Is there anything we can do about harassment? Because I keep telling them to stop sending me this stuff. I’m only 18 and it’s scaring the heck out of my parents. It’s showing up at my parent’s home, my new address, everywhere.

  38. What I did with their “survey” was to use the pre-paid envelope to send them a letter protesting their deception.

  39. Indie,

    I received a letter stating this is an “important survey”.. “regarding feeding methods and products”…”you are part of a small group of parents”. – ya right! Bogus, they had both of my names misspelled.

    I used to work in the biopharma industry managing trials, and I recognized this immediately as having only marketing questions. I googled their name and found your website. THANK YOU!!! I’m glad to see that others are being informed of this scam.

    There is nothing wrong with a company asking you to participate in market research, but this letter is VERY deceptive, no mention of the company ever appears. There is no way to then know that your identity will not be sold or misused since there is no one to contact. Michael Imeokparia, MD does not provide a title, affiliation or contact information. He should be charged with fraudulently misrepresenting himself as a clinical researcher.
    Maybe this is the same company that sent me unwanted formula. What a waste, they should send this formula to women’s shelters and orphages instead of to “potential” middle-upper class paying customers.

    Can you send this website’s responses to an Ombudsman to investigate?

    Abigail’s mom

  40. I could copy and paste Anita’s message a few up. Exact same story for me. Maybe the OB/Gyns are mad we switched to better care at a midwife (no offense to those who had happier experiences with OB/Gyns then I did).

    Thanks for this listing!

  41. I’m so glad I found this! I had just filled it out and got a bit suspicious when there were no further questions asked about breastfeeding at all. I googled the name and found your site. This makes me SO angry! I will be sending back my envelope with a letter letting them know exactly what I think about this.

  42. I was just about to mail this in, but wanted to see if the “survey” was connected to a formula company. Thank you for this posting. It’s going in the shredder!

  43. Send it back blank, or with a note of your own. They’ll have to pay the postage! the same with any mailings or packages you get from formula companies. You can write “Unsolicited – Return to Sender” on the packages and they’ll have to pay return postage on that, too. It helps with the frustration!

  44. It’s obvious that I got the survey and looked it up to see if it was legitimate and found this site. I’m so glad I did because I was about to send it out and something told me to check it out. Anyway, I agree that the way they are doing this is wrong and should be stopped but I do need to say something about formula feeding. I agree that breastfeeding is best but there are other reasons why mothers formula feed. Yes, there are a lot of mothers that formula feed because it’s convenient/easy (and thatโ€™s sad) but there are some mothers that HAVE TO formula feed. Some babies just can’t feed or mothers can’t produce enough milk or can’t produce at all. Obviously I am in this category and I HAVE TO formula feed. There have been negative comments about formula feeding on here (and out in public) and that just gets under my skin. I’m NOT a bad mother and I’m tired of the comments (and looks in public) that are directed to make me feel like Iโ€™m a bad mother because I formula feed. I don’t agree with what the formula companies are doing, itโ€™s just deceptive and wrong. Breastfeeding is wonderful and be proud that you are doing it, I just ask before you open your mouth and make a nasty comment about mothers that formula feed, remember that you don’t know their story and this my be the only way they can provide nutrition to their child!

  45. Megan, I’m a breastfeeding mother, and I agree with you – it’s terrible how judgmental some people can be. I was in the hospital shortly I after I was born and stayed there for months so my mother couldn’t breastfeed, and I turned out just fine! Formula isn’t evil – it’s necessary and important to many people in different situations. While it may not contain all the extra “goodies” that breastmilk does, it still nourishes babies just fine.

    I do think that breastfeeding is ideal, though, and I hate the way these companies push their products and discourage women from even TRYING to breastfeed. And deceptive tactics like this just make me angry – I resent that they’re trying to conduct marketing research under the guise of medical research.

  46. I think we have to be careful about the language we use. Breastmilk does not have “extra goodies”. Formula is deficient of certain things. Fortunately, most babies who are formula fed get by and even thrive but sadly some do not. Obviously there are some cases where a baby cannot be breastfed, but most cases where a mother does not succeed are caused by circumstances that formula companies actively support, for example, unsupportive and ignorant health care providers, employers, spouses; unnecessary separation and trauma during and after the birth process; lack of example in a woman’s culture; negative and unsupportive cultural influences…the list could go on and on. The formula industry works very carefully and underhandedly to sabotage women who desire to breastfeed. I do want to make it clear that it does not support to our cause to shame a woman who is already formula feeding, but we do need to make it clear to new and future moms that formula feeding is substandard and sometimes dangerous and even occasionally deadly.

  47. Check out this article:

    It analyzes a large number of journal articles about the risks of breastfeeding and even gives an estimate at the end of the number of babies who die in the U.S. because they were formula fed rather than breastfed. The estimate they come up with is 9335 babies per year in the U.S. A baby who is formula fed is twice as likely to die in the U.S.

    The statistics are much, much worse in countries where reliable supplies of clean water are not readily available (for mixing the formula). UNICEF estimates that a non-breastfed child living in disease-ridden and unhygienic conditions is between six and 25 times more likely to die of diarrhea and four times more likely to die of pneumonia than a breastfed child. That doesn’t even take into account all of the deaths in those countries from the other problems that formula can cause (see the article above).

  48. Megan – I just wanted to let you know that there IS another option to feeding your baby formula. As a breastfeeding mother that has always had an overabundant supply, I decided to donate our surplus. Initially it was through a milk bank but then I found MilkShare. It is a group where donors can find recipients (either locally or nationally) and arrange to receive donated breastmilk directly from the mother. Many of the families searching for milk can not breastfeed their child for one of many reasons. Sometimes due to medical conditions (either of the mother or the child) or because the child is adopted and the parents want to provide their child with breastmilk. Sometimes, formula is not an option due to severe allergies (even to the “hypoallergenic” formulas).

    I know some people think that feeding their child donor milk is disgusting but it is actually safer now than wetnursing of previous generations. The donors are screened more rigorously than people donating blood. Donors also take great care to prevent bacterial contamination while collecting the milk. If you would like to find out more information, you can search for MilkShare on the Yahoo! Groups or try the attached link.

    As far as the comment about babies dying from formula, here is a link to an article relating to the killer formula from China that had melamine in it.

  49. It makes me pretty upset that all of you go on and on about how "Breast is best" and basically say formula is a terrible thing to do to your child. I literally tried my hardest for weeks to breastfeed my child. I did everything I could, I even had a lactation nurse help me. I wasn't producing barely any breastmilk what-so-ever. So I took supplements, I pumped like crazy, I did everything I could. But my child almost died because I wasn't capable of breastfeeding. I didn't just "Give up and go to formula"… I chose my son's life over trying to please ignorant moms who try to make people feel like crap for feeding their child formula. Yeah, breastmilk probably is better, but my son wouldn't be here right now without those formula companies. So grow up, stop preaching breastmilk like it's a damn religion, and learn that there really are some moms who don't just "give up" but actually need formula for their child to have a life.

  50. I just received my survey as well. It stinks that there is so much info out there that a a new mom has to learn and then on top of it get bombarded with illegal jargen from big corporations that are pushing their products on you. I think it's one thing to choose use formula and it's another to have it stuffed down your throat. No one likes to be tricked into thinking one way is better than the other we all have our right to choose. I hate seeing how even when something so pure as being a mother to a child can get taken advantage of by marketing ploys. With all their pre paid postage being wasted, they should be giving their money to charities and people in need.

  51. I think you're most likely a stay at home mom with nothing better to do then conplain. If you do not agree guess what…. don't take the survey! Its a way to get a none bias opinion by using a third party company. If it came from simalac you might just say, yes I like similac. I would suggest maybe a part-time job or a hobby…. this is so far from "Absolutely Illegal".

  52. I just got this survey in the mail for the second time also and was a little worried about it. This was the very first blog I found. I have read all the comments left and the blog itself. Of course I do feel the same about the deceptive nature of the survey, and I do support breastfeeding and agree that "breast is best"–I breastfeed 2 out of my 3 children– but what about mothers who have trouble lactating? Obviously they will have to use formula– I had this problem with my first child. I couldn't produce enough milk to breastfeed him and keep him satisfied (and as things go these days, I would NEVER feed my child someone else's breastmilk!). He cried all the time until we finally found out it was because he was hungry!! And he is perfectly heathy for being formula fed and he's almost 6 yrs. old now. But after that when I had my 2nd and 3rd child, I had no problem lactating! And they are just as healthy as my son who was not breastfed.

  53. But I guess what I am trying to get out there is that some people NEED formula and maybe the research DOES help. Personally I appriciated the formula coupons considering it cost me $300.00 plus a month for formula (he had to have special formula because he couldn't digest cow's milk protien). Possibly they should have an option to "unsubscribe" to thier surveys and formula coupons…? Also, I do feel they should be more honest and let people know they are affiliated with the formula companies…

  54. Thanks for this info! I recieved this in MN and thought it was very fishy too (too specific about formula brands). Well, my kids are breastfed, thank you very much. They are small per US charts but just great according to WHO charts.

    I don't pass judgment on formula feeders but people need to know that whenever possible breast is best!

  55. Well I recvd this survey today and my child passed away. Im not sure where "they" get their mailing lists but they can remove my name. Im not interested in it.
    But for all of you who are arguing whats better for your child….just be thankful yours is alive.

  56. Yeah i just got this in the mail! I have a 4 month old. I got a similar letter a month ago and it said i would get a free gift for participating. still no gift! They are lying to us and they think it’s okay i wouldn’t have taken my time out of my busy day to not get something in return.

  57. i just recieved this survey today, it says the address is in WI and some Michelle Anderson signed it. I've actually recived this survey 4 times since my son was born early this year. i'm actually going to fill it out and send it back in. my son has been strictly breastfed since he came home from the hospital. in the hospital however he was given formula against my wishes. i don't understand why the nurses didn't listen to me and not give him formula?!

  58. I received a copy yesterday ("small group of parents", sure!) and I'm so glad that I checked Google before filling it out. Thanks for the information! Mine was signed by Melanie Anderson, Research Director.

  59. Thanks for all the research, I printed out the WSJ article about tainted formula and placed it in the Business Reply envelope. ๐Ÿ™‚
    As an engineer, I honestly cannot accept that so many moms are unable to breast feed. I hope the PSA's get more airtime and that the benefits of breast milk are made more obvious to mothers.
    Here's hoping!

  60. We got ours today. It was obviously a marketing effort but I thought I'd double check and your entry came up first and confirmed it. I ripped off my name and sent the blank survey back to them on their dime. I rarely write comments when I send things back like this. The minimum wage workers opening up the envelopes won't pass them on anyway.

  61. I just got the survey. It makes me sad the way the present like research to help babies but it is really to help themselves.

  62. I received the survey from The Research Institute of Mother and Child Care and was wondering who they were in case it's a scam. Thanks for your posting!
    I actually don't mind surveys, but if it's done by a company for mostly their benefit, they should pay us or give us an incentive to take the time and effort to fill out a survey!

  63. I received the survey from The Research Institute of Mother and Child Care and was wondering who they were in case it's a scam. Thanks for your posting!
    I actually don't mind surveys, but if it's done by a company for mostly their benefit, they should pay us or give us an incentive to take the time and effort to fill out a survey!

  64. I received the survey from The Research Institute of Mother and Child Care and was wondering who they were in case it's a scam. Thanks for your posting!
    I actually don't mind surveys, but if it's done by a company for mostly their benefit, they should pay us or give us an incentive to take the time and effort to fill out a survey!

  65. Thanks for this! I received this same survey today and first thought it to be a study on breastfeeding rates, until I read further and realized that it was way too specific with regard to types of formula. A Google search led me here and the letter will be going in the recycling. I would love to fill it out and tell them that my 13 month old is exclusively breastfed, but I also don't want to end up getting any more useless formula samples in the mail!

  66. i filled it out in good faith, then had the urge to google it before i put it in the envelope. i feel like my time was wasted. i went back and put an x in every box and wrote "abbot labs … i resent your deception. i will not use you rproducts again. i have two infants at home. you have wasted your time, so i'll waste your postage ." and then i mailed it back to them.

  67. I am not a mother. Never have been and never will be. I also have never bought a baby gift in a store for mothers because I do not have friends with children and I do not buy gifts for baby showers (I am against buying necessities for expectant mothers as I feel that is their responsibility not mine). So I have no idea how I got on this mailing list. I receive coupons for formula, diapers, actual boxes of formula, catalogs, etc. on a daily basis for babies and mothers. I find it grossly offensive and am having trouble figuring out how to get off the lists. The Abbot people told me they have a group called Strong Moms that sends these things out and their phone number is 800-986-8800. Hopefully I can get off this list. Hopefully my information can help everyone else.

  68. My wife just got another survey. After filling out 3, I just told her to stop. Why? At this point, I don't feel it's necessary to fill out something that's been filled out 3 times. As for the product, my baby likes it and shouldn't that be enough? Yes, Similac has been part of a nation-wide recall but that hasn't stopped us from purchasing it. Personally, the hospitals gets this stuff for free to give away to parents thus enticing them to buy more. If in fact the Research Instutute is affiliated w/Abbott, I can see the bias developing and I don't like it.

  69. The Research Institute is not affiliated with Abbott. It is Abbott. The survey is pure marketing research. The concern is placing formula into the hands of mothers and discouraging breast feeding.

    I gave the survey to my two year old to complete

  70. I just got my second survey. Never mailed back the first, as it looked like some formula company nonsense. Sure enough. Thanks for digging up that info. I agree that this must be illegal in some fashion, and if it’s not, it ought to be.

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