The Great House Adventure

Thanks for all the feedback on the last couple house posts everybody! I’m realizing there are quite a few more interested parties then I originally realized. I mentioned earlier that one of the reasons we are excited about doing this, and taking seriously paying off our debt, is that we want to have an opportunity to serve as an example to others of taking debt seriously and paying things off. The ultimate goal for us, is to live on only what we need (more discussion here later) and to continue to even after we’ve paid off all our debt. I’m excited to see the amazing good that can be done with our resources once we are no longer enslaved to our lenders.

This is going to be a relatively short post because I need your opinions mostly. I’ve thought about this before a little, but haven’t come to any serious conclusions. Here’s my question. As a Christian, how should we properly discuss our finances? On one hand I’d love to be totally transparent about it all, because I think our ‘taboo’ nature about finances is what gets many of us in a heap of trouble (and as Aaron said, we want the church to be open about their finances, we should too, we are the church after all). On the other hand, there’s that whole, don’t let your left hand know what your right is doing, etc. Thus the dilemma about how to discuss our finances, paying off debt, giving, setting an example, and still honoring God in it all. So, the question:

What is the appropriate way for me to follow Christ and discuss my finances with the general public (i.e. on this blog)? 

3 thoughts on “The Great House Adventure”

  1. I think that if you are open with all your finances, then the emphasis is not on showing how much you are giving. You are not storing up treasures on earth, whether money or men’s praise, so I think it is not contrary. That’s just my take.

  2. I grew up in an environment where you didn’t speak about your personal finances – good, bad or ugly. What that did was ’cause me to grow up with little understanding of how my parents ran our house and lived as the good stewards they still are today. I think you should be as open as you feel comfortable with. Remember, it is our option to read this blog or not and if we don’t want to know how you are spending your dineros, then we can simply browse on. This is your space and you can speak as freely or as conservatively as you like. You have made it abundantly clear where your heart is in this matter and what your intentions are.

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