That Naughty School might finally be shut down!

If you haven’t heard of that naughty school called The School of The Americas at Fort Benning, GA, you should. SOA has trained and graduated some of the finest Military Dictators and Human Rights abusers this hemisphere has ever seen.
There is plenty information available to learn more at the links provided, but after you learn about the atrocities that SOA is responsible for it’s time for you and I to do something. That opportunity is provided below.

From School of the Americas Watch:

NEXT WEEK, the week of June 5, Congress will vote on an amendment to close
the SOA/ WHINSEC. Rep. McGovern (MA) will introduce an amendment to the
Foreign Operations appropriations bill to cut funding for the SOA/ WHINSEC!

WE EXPECT A CLOSE VOTE and need as many people as possible flooding the
offices of the House of Representatives with calls in support of a YES vote
on the amendment. THIS IS IT! And it’s the people power of our movement that
will get this amendment passed! Visit the Legislative Action Index for more

–> NATIONAL CALL-IN DAYS TO CLOSE THE SOA/WHINSEC <-- TUESDAY, June 6 and WEDNESDAY, June 7: Call Congress at 202-224-3121 or toll free at 888-355-3588. ============================================================ Please take the time to call the DC office of your Representative through the Capitol Hill Switchboard at 202-224-3121 or toll free at 1-888-355-3588. Ask to speak with the foreign affairs legislative assistant. Here is a suggested message for you to convey: "I am calling Congressman/woman ________ to urge him/her to vote YES on the McGovern amendment to the Foreign Operations Appropriations bill. This amendment is a cut in funding for the School of the Americas/ WHINSEC. New information indicates that WHINSEC has allowed known human rights abusers to instruct and receive training at the school. Argentina and Uruguay are two more countries that have made public announcements they will no longer send students to the school, citing the negative image and history of this institution. Voting YES on this amendment sends a positive human rights message to Latin America and will help to improve the U.S. image abroad. As an elected official in Washington D.C., I hope you will represent me and vote YES on any amendment in the House that would cut funding for the school." SEND AN EMAIL AND FAX TO YOUR REPRESENTATIVE: (Be sure to click the „Send a Fax‰ box to have the fax sent). ARE YOU IN or NEAR WASHINGTON, DC? On Tuesday, June 6 and Wednesday, June 7, we will be delivering material to Members of Congress and knocking on their doors, asking them to join our movement and vote to close the SOA. Please join us! If you can be with us for some or all of the day on Tuesday or Wednesday, please email Eric at FOR MORE INFORMATION, visit the SOA Watch website at and the Legislative Action Index at

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