Tech Friday: Keyboard Shortcuts you should know.

This might be a obvious list of information for some of you, but for others it will be new and helpful for years to come. I don’t know how much time it will save you over the course of your life, but I become quite impatient when I’m helping someone on the computer and they are clicking around the menus to copy and paste things instead of using the shortcuts.

Constantly switching your fingers from the mouse to the keyboard takes time you certainly don’t have. In order to help you in your task let me help you with a few shortcuts you should start using today.
(Before I begin the symbol “+” is used to imply you HOLD down the first key mentioned [which is usually “Ctrl” in the bottom left corner of your keyboard] and then press the second key [which does not have to be a capital letter it can also be lowercase] while keeping the first one pressed).

Copy Highlighted: Ctrl+C
Cut Highlighted: Ctrl+X
Paste from Clipboard: Ctrl+V
Undo: Ctrl+Z
Save: Ctrl+S
Close: Ctrl+W
Select All: Ctrl+A

And then there are a few specifically for Firefox:

Open a New Tab: Ctrl+T
Move Cursor to Address Bar: Ctrl+L
Reload Page: Ctrl+R
Find on Page: Ctrl+F

I use almost every one of these constantly. Once you train that left pink to find the Ctrl Key on it’s own the possibilities are endless.

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