Talk to Someone about Domestic Violence

Note: I’ve been posting these posters on Friday’s sans commentary in hope’s that it would create a discussion. The only person that’s engaged me in discussion about it has been my mother.

She pointed out that all the women in the pictures look like actresses/models/famous people (which they are), and that it doesn’t seem as real as it does just dressing up. In other words she wondered if these pictures actually force people to think about the reality of domestic violence, or instead make it seem even more fictitious.

I’m curious to know others thoughts. Do these images cause you to think about the reality of domestic violence? Are they just one of the posts you breeze past without much of a thought?

ACT is the new campaign brand of Women’s Aid:
admit domestic violence is a problem, call it by its name, talk to someone.

6 thoughts on “Talk to Someone about Domestic Violence”

  1. Thanks for the feedback folks.

    I won’t be posting any more of these. However, I really believe the topic is important and needs to be talked about.

    What thoughts do you have on more positive ways to raise awareness?

  2. Okay, so I just checked myself, and my beliefs about abuse and realized that my thoughts were that domestic abuse is something that only happens to black people, and poor uneducated people. Your posters showed neither. But like I said, it probably says more about me than the posters. Hmmm, I’ve got some more re-thinking to do.

  3. im someone who has personally been involved in a domestic violence relationship at the age of 14 im now 19 and when i needed the help i wasnt sure were to go to because its not something people take seriously and people dont tend to talk about the situation, but when you see photos like that it gets the ignorent people’s attention because they see whats happening.

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