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The “What if?” of Cinderella Man

I watched Cinderella Man a while ago with my wife. It’s a touching story based on the real life events of James Braddock. It’s a heartwarmer and a true fairytale story. But I couldn’t help thinking about the “what if?”
This interaction between Braddock and his wife, Mae, will give you an idea of what I’m talking about:

And when they took your license away, even scared as I was… I went to the church and I thanked God for it.
Cause I always knew… a day might come when it could kill you. I just knew it, Jimmy. And now it’s here.

You just got the jitters, that’s all.

He’s killed two men, Jimmy! What’s worth it?

I have to believe I got some kind of say over our lives. Okay?

You know, that if things are bad, that we can change them… we can make things better for our family. But I need you to be safe…

If you’ve seen the movie, and even if you haven’t (slight movie spoiler ahead), Braddock goes on to fight the guy, against his wife’s pleas (though she gives some approval in the end), and he wins the fight. But, the whole time I was thinking… What If?

What if his wife’s fears proved true and he was killed in the fight? Or more likely he was hit so hard he became disabled or permanently disabled. Then what say would he have over their lives?

I understand why this movie touches us, this man lays it all on the line and he motivates millions through his actions. And we all know people don’t pay to see some one turn in their gloves at their wife’s request so as to be there for their family, it just doesn’t make a good Hollywood ending.

Cinderella Man (Widescreen Edition)Now, for a minute let’s lay Hollywood and our machoism aside for a moment and consider the options. Men, it’s time to stop drooling over Braveheart and Gladiator, shut-up for a moment, and listen to your wives (or someone else with some common sense). If you love your family, if you want to care for them and provide for them, then do it in a way that shows them and has their interest in mind.

movie script from here.