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My Notes from the Tipping Point

Great Book, I’d recommend it (My mom recommended it to me).

The Tipping Point


If you take a paper and have to fold it over on it self 50 times, it would make a stack tall enough to reach to the sun. (most would guess the size of a phone book.). pg. 11

Six-degrees of Seperation was actually a study. Sent packets to folks in Nebraska and they where to send it to someone, who sent it to someone, with the goal of reaching a lawyer in Boston. (Most people would guess 100).
We mostly have close friends (based on proximity over similarity) who share similar activities (not necessarily attitudes ). pg. 35
In the 6 degrees experiment most came through three individuals, it points to a small number of people knowing a great many people.

Roger Horchow. Tracks down old elementary school friends. Writes EVERYONE a Birthday card. He’s got 1,600 names in a computer database. pg. 45

Prison experiment
People turned horrible. In just 6 days they called it off. Fascinatingly scary. pg. 154.

Experiments on cheating. Much cheating goes on. It’s not necessarily the bad kids or anything like that. Lot’s of different circumstances. (155-158).

Innovators, Early Adopters, Early Majority, Late Majority, Laggards. pg. 197