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London shooting

Okay, time for a serious blog. If anyone has been paying attention to the news then they’ve probably heard about Jean Charles de Menezes and I don’t know about you but it’s a little freak to me.

The basic jist is that Friday London police chased a guy in the subway, he tripped and fell and they shot him five times, dead. Already I was a concerned because it sounded like marshall law, it seemed like they could have apprehended him without shooting him, I mean he tripped and fell, some witnesses said they had pinned him down when they shot him.

Now we find out that he had nothing to do with any of the bombings.
Does this disturb anyone? We are becoming so scared of dying that we are killing ourselves trying to stop those who might kill us.

My friend Karma is an anarchist. She was anti-war like me, but she was anti-policemen and stuff too. I figured it made sense to have people keep the peace, but she felt that when you give people power they often abuse it. She has plenty of examples on her side, police beatings, racial profiling, Jim Crow, Rodney King, riot cops at the FTA and WTO protest, the list goes on.

Now I’m starting to agree with her. I mean what happened to being a community that watched out for one another? What would a city without police look like? Would we all feel more responsible for caring for each other in our community? Would we make it a point to know all our neighbors?
Or would we all carry guns and triple lock our doors and just watch out for “our own”?

I hope everyone is thinking about this. I mean the police chief actually said there might be people shot while looking for suicide bombers. And what about racial profiling on top of that?

Lord what is this world coming to?