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don’t eat meat

I haven’t made any major decisions to not eat meat. Not yet at least. I currently don’t eat red meat, though on occasion, if it is what’s offered at someone’s home or at a meal at work, I’m fine with eating it. However, I’m open to the idea that my convictions will lead me to being a complete vegetarian.
The thing compelling me lately is the sustainability, or should I say lack of sustainability of being a regular meat eater.

Here’s some links to get you thinking and discussing.

Vandy Can’t Seem to Make the Grade


Not my alma mater, but soon to be Mindy’s. I found the College Sustainability Report Cards when Adam linked to the terrible grade received by Princeton Theological Seminary.

The Sustainable Endowments Institute released its College Sustainability Report Card, which grades 100 leading colleges by looking at campus greening practices and endowment policies.

Hopefully this is something Vandy starts taking into consideration as it continues building and expanding. In fact, all colleges should be taking these sorts of critical analysis’ seriously.

Quit making Hummer’s Mr. Rick Wagoner

I don’t know Rick Wagoner, but I wish I did.

If I knew him I’d ask him to stop making Hummers. You see sometimes there are products whose negative impact outweigh their positive impact. There are plenty of other products to pick on, but Hummer’s just seemed like an easy target at the moment.
I’ve been listening to Corporate Watchdog Radio recently, and I’ve found it pretty interesting. The episode I listened to recently was talking about companies “social footprint” and their role in creating a sustainable world.
One part of the conversation that was interesting was the dilemma of how to consider the impact that the consumers of a companies products have on the environment. Are automobile manufacturers responsible for the impact their cars have when their customers drive it? I would argue they definitly have some responsibility. We as consumers are absolutely responsible for lifestyle choices and purchases, but the companies producing those products are responsible too. We hold crack dealers responsible for the products they bring to the street, tobacco companies are responsible for their products, and automobile companies should be responsible for theirs. Anyone disagree?

But, my point is not to talk about who is responsible, rather it’s to just imagine for a moment. What if Rick Wagoner, the CEO of GM came to the epiphany, that environmental sustainability is important and they actually stopped making Hummers. Could you imagine?
Thousand’s of people have recognized the impact their lifestyle has on the environment and they’ve made changes and advocated for change that is within their power to make. Thousand’s of others have realized the injustice of sweatshops and have made efforts to purchase fair trade clothing and other items. I guess I just wonder, when is a CEO or two going to come around? Is the strangle-hold of wealth that strong?
Imagine if the CEO of GM decided to completely change the company to have environmental sustainability is the bottom line, rather then profits. Imagine if the CEO of Nike decided social justice and fair trade where more important than brand and dollars.

Wow, can you imagine that world?