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YouTubesday: Haiti, God, and Foxhole Manifesto

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This is a brief video about my friends organization, The Haiti Water Project. They are trying to rally 4000 supporters to their cause on facebook. Join them.


Here’s a cool music video/song about God, White Man by Michael Gungor


A Great spoken word piece about God, "Foxhole Manifesto" as performed by Jeffrey McDaniel

Your Assignment: Attend an Open Mic in Your City

Just got back from another open mic night at the coffee shop down the street from my house. Have I told you yet that I love where I live?

Anyways, I’ll just make this post brief, but I really want to encourage you to attend an open mic somewhere in your city. I’m talking about the kind of open mic that spoken word artist show up at and share the most powerfully poetic prose you’ve ever witnessed. Words that are so real, so passionate, and so true they resonate in your mind and heart for days after. If you don’t know where one is, tell me what city you live in and I’ll help you find one.

This is what is so cool about the open mic in my neighborhood, it’s not only honest, but it’s extremely encouraging. I’ve seen such an array of people get up and share something that comes from their heart, and there is always clapping, always shouts of encouragement. It’s beautiful.

And it makes me want to try my hand at a spoken word piece. Spoken word is an art form. It’s performance poetry in a sense, but there is something deeper about it that creates in you a longing to be able to articulate and express yourself in similar ways.

Seeing as this is my playground and sandbox, you might have the opportunity to hear me experiment in spoken word sometime down the road. For now, complete your assignment.