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An Open Letter To Mayor RT Rybak: Move To North Minneapolis

Dear Mayor Rybak,

I saw the headline that you were selling your house last week and I took the time to read through, curious of where you were planning on moving to. As my luck would have it, you haven’t yet made up your mind, and I would hope, you might be open to some others opinions.

I’ve only lived in Minneapolis for a year and a half, finally settling down after college and raising a family. We live just a block south of Broadway in North Minneapolis and have found it to be a beautiful community.  And as a community-minded person myself, I immediately started getting involved in the neighborhood meetings and events through out the area.

I’ve been very impressed by your commitment to and your presence in North Minneapolis. You’ve come out for events large and small, even when there were no cameras, to speak about the hope and potential of North. I’ve rarely spoke well of politicians and city officials when it comes to the forgotten parts of most cities, but I must say that so far its seemed as if you are more then just empty words.

As you look for a place to call home, I believe there is no better place then North Minneapolis. And if you believe the words that you’ve spoken about this part of the city, I think you believe it too.  Many politicians can talk the talk, paying lip service and then turn a blind eye, but here is your opportunity to walk the walk.

Move to North Minneapolis.


Ariah Fine