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Zero Waste: Even Wal-Mart is Doing It

Even Walmart is considering Zero Waste. What the heck is that you ask? I’ll show some borrowed graphics to illustrate the explanation:

Above is the way that we currently do business. The $ stamp is there to remind you that we are definitly paying for every step of the consumer process. From the cost of extracting resources, to the cost of pollution, to the cost of landfills and trash, we are paying both physically in our tax dollars and externally through our air, land and water.

Zero Waste is changing our process to consider waste, not as a necessary evil, but as an avoidable danger we can eliminate through creative and innovative production:

What’s so amazing about the concept of Zero Waste is that it’s not a very difficult idea to understand, and it seems like it could be well within our reach. We’ve lived our lives assuming massive waste is a necessary part of progress, and we haven’t really considered the impact of it to any degree. It’s wild to even begin to brainstorm what a Zero Waste society might look like.

If your still interested and I haven’t lost you yet, then I’d recommend checking out this short video

Where does your Recycling Go?

For those who live in Nashville, here’s a short little video explaining the recycling process.

I’m really excited that we’ve finally started recycling at Mosaic. I don’t know why we didn’t sooner. I guess I just figured digging the paper programs out of the trash after the service was easier then pushing my agenda.
I’ve also seen quite a few friends start recycling which has also been really encouraging. It’s one of those things that I think we should just be doing.

Recycling is Biblical: Part 1 and Part 2

Recycling is Biblical (part 1)

Earlier this week I sent an email out to some friends informing them of the new recycling policies in Nashville.

At the end of the letter I went out on a limb and threw in a statement saying that it’s “Biblical” to recycle. Well, I think it took a few people back and rubbed them the wrong way or something. So, I’ve got to give some explanation.

I think this will only be two parts, but no guarantees.

First of all, with any issue we address as Christians, we need to stop beginning our thought process from a societal worldview. What I mean by that is that the society we live in views the world a certain way and when we look at the Bible and try and consider the most “Christian” thing to do, we must try our hardest to begin thinking about it from a clean slate rather then the already established worldview.
It’s interesting that when I say “recycling is Biblical” that the burden of proof is on me to prove that it is indeed supported by the Bible. If we are going to step back and then we need to consider how Biblical NOT recycling is.
I’ll write more in part 2 about why I think particularly Recycling is a good thing to do and try and support environmental stewardship as a Biblical step. However, for now I think we need to start seriously considering many of the actions in our lives.