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Million-Dollar Murray and The Homeless Guy’s Quick Take

The Homeless Guy blogged about a great article by Malcolm Gladwell about ending chronic homelessness:

Why homelessness may be easier to solve than to manage.
From the article:

“We found that eighty per cent of the homeless were in and out really quickly,” he said. “In Philadelphia, the most common length of time that someone is homeless is one day. And the second most common length is two days. And they never come back. Anyone who ever has to stay in a shelter involuntarily knows that all you think about is how to make sure you never come back.”

Don’t be surprised that the article is a year old. The solution to homelessness has been known for a long time – perhaps we’ve always known it. But, hey, if we can develop an industry that makes money around a social problem, why bother fixing it?

You’ll enjoy the article, the solution is different then one might think. We spend all this money on caring for the byproducts of homelessness (see Million-Dollar Murray’s hospital bill), why not be pro-active and actually prevent or at least make completely unnecessary, the possibility of being without a home?