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Bear with me…Dreamweaver little yellow gold badge shield

To get rid of those annoying little yellow gold badge/shield looking things in Dreamweaver which are sometimes a pain in the design view just go to: View…Visual Aids…Invisible Elements (It should become unchecked).

For my regular readers
Thanks for perservering through that very random post. Here is where it originated from. I recently reinstalled Dreamweaver and I chose some different set-up options then normal. Anyways, suddenly there where these dreamweavers little yellow gold badge shield thingy all over the place, and they where messing things up. Translation: You know when your computer, or car, or any other gadget starts doing something out of the ordinary and you just don’t like it? Searching the help menues produced nothing cause I didn’t know what to look for. Thus I turned to the internet. I googled: “Dreamweaver gold badges” nothing. “Dreamweaver yellow badges” nothing. “Dreamweaver yellow shield” bingo. Why am I telling you all this? Because the great thing about the internet is it makes things like that accessible to people. And to be even more accessible sometimes it’s worth making a blog post that simply list all the ways one might have described what they where searching for (as I will do soon).

Have you ever tried looking something up and weren’t quite sure how to describe it?

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