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What Is Essential to the Gospel?

This is more question time for the readers then me giving answers.

In a discussion at the house the other day, and a couple email conversations with some readers, I’ve started to rethink what topics, facts, concepts, etc. are essential to the Gospel.

There’s all kinds of cliches and sayings about the gospel: “Preach the gospel at all times, and when necessary, use words.” There’s all kinds of things we spend far too much time talking about and others we simply neglect. So, take a minute to think about this. I’m wondering, if someone were to come up to you and ask you write now, “What is the Gospel of Jesus Christ?”

What would you say?

Rent: Love and Life

I just saw a preview for the movie, Rent, which I had just seen for the first time last fall. Keane and I saw it on Broadway in New York. I’m not going to do a movie review or anything, but I did want to share a quick thought.

The catchy and great sounding main song, Seasons of Love, always brings to my mind the fragility of life and the importance of love. LOVE. If there is anything the gospel of Jesus teaches, it’s LOVE.