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Black Coaches Make History

Update: Congrats to Tony Dungy. Considering you spent the last four hours being entertained by his team, you should consider giving five minutes to hear his story. Specifically the video at Beyond the Ultimate.

I’m not a huge football fan anymore, but considering it’s Super Bowl Sunday I figure this is at least worth taking a moment to mention.

From the NFL Website:

It wasn’t all that long ago that the NFL’s best jobs were off-limits to blacks. Never mind that three-quarters of the league’s rosters were filled with black players. Or that there were qualified black assistants. When the time came to hire a new coach, they were passed over, time and again.

Meanwhile, white coaches who had done little to distinguish themselves in their previous jobs got additional chances. It was the old boys’ network at its worst.

It’s a moment to celebrate, and as any of these firsts, that come so much later then they should, it’s a moment to grieve. It’s acknowledgment again that for years we’ve kept potential unreached do to oppressive prejudice and discrimination. From Nancy Pelosi to Keith Ellison, and Smith and Dungy we apologize for forcing you to wait so long.

Have a Great game.