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Community launching in T-minus 24 hours…

Let me start by saying that I am extremely excited.
In less then twenty four hours I will be sharing living space with a family of four. Dawn and Bryan and their two kids will be moving into our two bedroom apartment with us (Mindy is visiting family for a couple weeks). This is a temporary location, but it is the beginning of our community. I believe I’ve mentioned this community thing on here once or twice, but I’ll be writing and maybe podcasting a LOT more about it in the months to come.
There are a million and a half reasons why we are choosing to live together, and I’ll try to begin articulating those as time goes on. For now it’s a matter of preparing the space so that everyone feels welcome. That means a few things for me (like packing stuff up, and we’ll see what it means for all of us tomorrow. It’s such an exciting time.

I think the first couple nights are going to seem like middle school sleep-overs. We’ve already had a few of those with Bryan and Dawn (once cause of car trouble, once cause I fell asleep), but it’s going to be an exciting time. We have exactly two weeks to find a new location to live. I’m not sure where that location will be (it will be in Nashville).

We are still at a great dilemma as far as renting or buying, apartment or house, distance from work, etc. We are trying our best to keep the conversation open, but it’s also difficult as the clock counts down. If you have any wisdom to share please do.