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People Against Poverty and Apathy: Photos

Just thought you might want some proof that Mindy and I really went to the PAPA Festival. It was really a good time. We didn’t have our camera though, so I’ve relied on others pictures posted online. Not very effective for telling any sort of story about our time there. Except that I tried juggling.
Mindy sitting at a session

Ariah Juggling

More photos if your interested in getting an inside look at the people and places that were Papa fest.

Initial thoughts on the PAPA Festival

I’ve been meaning to sit down and write about my time at the PAPA Festival all day, but I kept procrastinating on it, mainly because I’m not sure I have that much to say. This wasn’t an academic or informational gathering per say. There where learning sessions, but the majority that I went to were more discussions then they were information which I could share with you.

I will point out that there where white folks with dreadlocks there then I’ve ever seen in one place. Makes you wonder. Lot’s of very ‘alternative’ folks out there looking very much like the normal crowd because they made of the majority at this gathering.

I enjoyed myself for a good number of reasons. I ran into a ton of random people with all sorts of unique connections which was a pretty cool thing. I think I’ll post on the random people I met next.

Mainly, I think the thing I enjoyed most was just being around a whole bunch of “Christians” that actually shared my value system. Too often I feel outcast or alienated as being too “radical” or liberal or something similar. The folks I seem to share values with are ones whose motivation is not following Jesus at all, but something completely different usually. So it was good to be ‘worshiping’ and fellowshipping with others who share my values and my beliefs and motivation.