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A review of Pocket Guide to the Bible

This book was dropped in the mail to me a little while back. It’s another of Relevant Publishings productions in their typical small paperback style (truly pocketable for someone with pockets like mine).
Pocket Guide to the Bible: A Little Book About the Big BookJason Boyett is becoming a master of the pocket guide, having introduced us to the Apocalypse and Adulthood in pocket form, he now takes on the Big Book.

The book is split into Biblicabulary, Know Your Characters, The Bible at Breaknext Speed, Versions and Perversions, and The Brief History of Holy Writ. Each section is done in a humorous and informative way.

I’m not sure there is a really good way to review this book, the explanation above is probably all you need to get a pretty good idea of what it’s all about. Boyett is funny and caters to our short attention spans.
The definition of Apostle clarifies that it’s “Not to Be Confused With: Aeropostale, A mall-based retailer of casual apparel for teenagers. One sells hoodies. The other wears robes and sandals. It’s not hard.”
He covers most of the main characters from the Bible in fairly short paragraphs. The short summary of the Bible is a great reference for refreshing what stories are in what books, covering books like Genesis in just over a page.

All in all, Pocket Guide to the Bible is not a must read, but I won’t argue that it will more then likely serve as a frequent reference for any Bible research.