Sorry I’ve been neglecting you…

I feel bad about not posting more on here. For one there are a million things running through my head, which is usually a good reason for me to post umpteen times. And with my limit on internet time (only 30 minutes a day), you’d think I’d have more time to write off-line and then post things for you. Sorry, that’s not happening.

I guess my mind is just in a whirlwind waiting to settle down with this community and housing thing. I’ll let you know the outcome when I know but I got to stop any play by play which might mean very little posting in the next couple days.

One thought on “Sorry I’ve been neglecting you…”

  1. i would love to know more about the community. why are you limited to 30 minutes? is it part of something bigger? a personal goal? a focus? something missional? let me know. tons of interest here.


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