Some great Answers to the “What Would you Do…” Question

I thought it would be worth mentioning a collection of essays from people who do a FAR better job then myself of answering the question “What would you do if someone attacked your loved ones?”
What Would you Do? by John Howard Yoder
John Howard Yoder collects essay’s from a number of people, as well as personal stories that attempt to address this very question. It’s thoughtful and thought provoking and will give you some insight into the pacifist view. It’s also very easy to read and you’ll be through in no time. If your genuinely interested let me know and I can loan you my copy.

3 thoughts on “Some great Answers to the “What Would you Do…” Question”

  1. “What would you do if your wife was attacking your father?” – thats a challenging questions for me. Are you still loaning your copy?

  2. Dominic,
    I do still have a copy somewhere. I’d be more then happy to lend it to you if you can’t find it in your local libraries.

    As to the question, do you have a hypothetical response to a hypothetical question?

  3. I’m checking a library again for it. my hypothetical response to what I would do if my wife was attacking my dad… attempt to stop the attack I am not married but my hypothetical wife is an incredible woman and would has a very good reason for attacking my hypothetical father.

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