Six Sentences: Sink

A Story in six sentences. See if you can figure out the inspiration for this story.


“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I- just give me a chance…I’ll make it up to him, I promise!” He trembled, the waves crashing against the dam below where he stood 200 feet above the choppy waters, the full moon illuminating his plight, two mafia henchmen standing before him.

“You had your chance, it wasn’t an idle threat, you should know that: you mess with the boss, try and pull one over on him, sooner or later, your gonna sink…”

“But I didn’t know he was the boss, honestly, I mean, I’m sure plenty of people make that mistake, he’s so sm-”

“Look, I’m not the Judge, heck, I’m not even the executioner (you did this to yourself), there’s certain certainties in life, cause and effect, it doesn’t matter how small the Boss is, just because he looks sweet and innocent, in fact, maybe that’s the point, you think it’s something to take advantage of, but, well, look where you ended up…” The enormous anchor tied to the man began to slip from it’s place on the ledge beside him, the henchman, done with his impromptu speech, gave the anchor a solid push with his shoe, and turned back toward his car, as the weight dragged the man into the waters below.

Photo Credit: David Zellaby

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