Revisiting What I Believe

A series of occurrences recently have caused me to really want to revisit some of my basic beliefs that probably formed sometime in high school and beginning of college. It’s interesting that much of my spiritual growth and understanding of my faith came about over 10 years ago when I was in high school. And it was during that time that I think I formed some of the sort of root theological views that I had and have continued to hold or ascribe to for several years. What’s interesting is that much of it hasn’t been called into question or changed despite many of my changing beliefs on social issues, politics, daily lifestyle choices, etc.

So, I’d like to start writing about these things and share them with you here. I’m not sure if these old beliefs I’ll dig up from the back of my brain have simply line dormant and unused or if they silently serve as the very foundation upon which much of my other thoughts are formed. We’ll find out. I might even get around to writing a post explaining the long held title of this blog.

I ask this of you in return, if you are going to come back and read what I write. Be gracious, but feel free to critique or call out what you see as off or misguided. I might very well share things I believe, that I’ll decide shortly after I don’t really believe at all, please give me room to grow and change and make mistakes. And I ask if you do read, please don’t be a silent participant. Dialog with me, be willing to share your own thoughts, be open to your own mistakes. Not sure this final disclaimer was necessary, my post might end up being underwhelming, but at least we prepared for something potentially bigger.

10 thoughts on “Revisiting What I Believe”

  1. I'm with ya.

    I most recognized my beliefs are changing/have changed since high school when I recently got an email wondering if I'd speak at a meeting of the high school ministry I was involved in. It hit me: What would I say? I don't subscribe to their Evangelism-By-Tract philosophy anymore, I think the spiritual life is bigger than Stepping Over the Line and Praying The Prayer- and that's their focus. I'm still puzzling on this one

  2. I am looking forward to the dialogue. I suppose after being a regular reader for a long, long time, I should probably start commenting a bit more regularly. đŸ™‚

  3. It's always good to evaluate what you believe. I'm sure that as you go through some of these things it will cause us, your readers, to do the same with our own beliefs. Looking forward to it.

  4. bold move, ariah. be careful as you evaluate–who knows what might happen!! :o) I've been doing a bit of the same thing myself, as in just trying to really lay out what I believe, because if I truly believe it there should be an evident response in my life. can't just be something that lays dormant.

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