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If I could figure out a way to smash random (or some other word) and Thursday together I’d make this a regular weekly posting just like YouTubesdays… Bonus points for someone who thinks of something creative.

Anyways, I do want to share a collection of things I’ve been posting over at On The Journey. Maybe this is just another lame attempt to convince you to subscribe. If you do subscribe you can expect a collection like the one below in your inbox daily, or your RSS reader…

The Kingdom Jesus established is anarchistic in that it recognizes God alone as the arche (supreme power). It thus lives free from all other powers (an-arche [anarchy] means without authority). Governments are part of the fallen, oppressed world system that has been done away with in Christ.  –Greg Boyd

Hate is easy; Love takes courage(via inyourcar)

What if we took all our money and possessions and gave them all to God & had to ask to use them. Would we spend money the same way? -Keane

He also began to suspect, since he was so much busier than anybody else, that he was the leader.” -Kurt Vonnegat, p. 41, Slaughter House Five (via. Keane’s Notebooks)

Before you contradict an old man, my fair friend, you should endeavor to understand him.
-George Santayana (via megaphonic)

No Matter What People Tell You…

But there will be a few renegades and other out-of-step people who will be given eyes to perceive the kingdom. They will listen to the homeless leader who owned one change of clothes, didn’t budget to pay his taxes, and was an affront to self-respecting, responsible believers. -Robert Lupton

Margaret Atwood

Somethings different. (via mudpuppy and www.patrickmoberg.com)

Somethings different. (via mudpuppy and www.patrickmoberg.com)

odds of dying from…

I don’t know the key to success but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.  -Bill Cosby

“Pablo” by Sir X (via. jkleske)

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