Racism in Calgary

Yes it still happens, frustrating and more.

Update: Commenting has been turned off for this post. Amazingly this post has gotten an intense amount of ridiculous racist comments on it by anonymous commenters. It amazes me that people would take any time to post such things an random blogs on the internet, but they do nonetheless.

Huh, I might write more on that latter.

3 thoughts on “Racism in Calgary”

  1. Stephanie,

    At the least I’m glad I had the opportunity to enlighten you. The goal now is to make decisions to change the way things are and to begin to make progress in our own communities.

    Where are you from?

  2. No where near Calgary – I live in the States, right smack in the middle in Nebraska. It’s red neck country here, but I’ve never seen racism like that. If I ever do, I will do whatever I could to make sure it never happened again.

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