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Just a Friday off-hand question: What do you think of the comment system on Trying To Follow?

I switched a month or so ago to this comment system called InstenseDebate, mainly because it allowed for commenting replies via email (an amazing feature). I had one or two glitches along the way, but I’ve been happy with it so far. Curious if any of you are using the reply by email feature when you receive replies to your comments. If so, what do you think? If not, would you consider trying it?

The other related question is that I was considering implementing the ability to comment through your facebook account. So many people are already on facebook, this switch would both make commenting easier for you and allow your comments to be posted in the Facebook news feed. Does that interest folks or not really?

Just checking in, thanks for humoring me by engaging in conversation

11 thoughts on “Quick Question About Comments”

  1. i find intensedebate to be quite a sweet system. i used something similar about a year ago, but got scared off it by the lack of critical mass.. but it seems we are there now.

  2. Well, the nice thing about ID is that it functions just like the wordpress standard comment form, you don't have to create an account, login or anything, you just do your name, email and url and leave your comment.
    The critical mass is nice because now they have the motivation to make the customers happy.
    That and they just got bought by Automattic who owns WordPress, so we should see some smooth integration soon (I hope).

  3. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, but I have to type my info in every time I reply. When you had wordpress it remembered me across a bunch of blogs. And it also sends me an email telling me to confirm my subscription before it will send me replies but then it goes ahead and sends me replies without the confirmation. It's kind of annoying. I have had a couple of times when I was short on time and didn't feel like dealing with it so I just haven't commented.

  4. i like intensedebate too. been using for a while now. but i'm interested in how one might integrate the commenting with facebook. is there some sort of plugin for that?

  5. Disqus integrates with Facebook. I was using Disqus for a while and really liked it alot. But after using it for a number of months, I went back to the native comment feature for WordPress. I lost some features, sure, but the glitches that I occasionally had are now non-existent.

  6. Indie,
    Thanks for letting me know, and taking the time to give me details. I'll definitely look into it. I made the switch because I really thought it would help better facilitate conversation. I'll see if I can address the issues you mentioned.

    Are you opposed to signing up for IntenseDebate? Just curious.
    Or, would you consider using Facebook Connect (your facebook credentials) to comment?

  7. Cool, and I just checked and turns out ID is integrating with Facebook connect and more very soon.
    The reply by email has been priceless. Our internet connection is sub-par so going to a page to comment everytime is a lot harder then shooting off a reply email. Hopefully I can work out any other glitches soon.

  8. I was just checking (should have done that before I wrote my post), and turns out ID should have facebook integration soon. There are some plugins and stuff, but none that currently work with ID. I'll pass it on to you when I get it though.

  9. awesome. having that will be a plus. i was just looking into switching over to disqus for that reason. without some sort of workaround it looks like it screws up the comment structure and even loses some of the comments. i'll keep my eye out for the ID/facebook add-on. thanks checking that out!

  10. Jamie, thanks for letting me know. I'm checking it out now. Same
    question to you though: is there a reason you haven't signed up for
    IntenseDebate? (there's plenty of good reasons, just wondering). And,
    if I had a way to sign-in with your facebook credentials would you be
    interested in that?

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