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It occurred (or was pointed out) to me that I haven’t really posted anything just about me recently, and because there seems to have been an influx of new readers, it might be wise to say a little something, so you have an idea of who I am. I’ll be brief, but here’s a rambling random insight…

I’m 25, if you want to bother keeping track still (October 7th), but I married up; in age, style, looks, intelligence, charm, she’s way out of my league…which is why my kid is so stinking cute (and smart). I’ve been married almost five years, yeah I know, it’s nuts. Graduated high school in 2000, went to YWAM, cause, well, I didn’t want to go to college, but I wanted to change the world or something. The whole thing left we with far more questions and doubts then I came with, but I did meet my wife there. Had I been planning it I would have met her 6 years later, backpacking Europe or something, but I wasn’t in charge; which is a good thing.
Went to Wheaton College, don’t ask me how I got in or how I paid for it (starts with “m” ends with “afia”), but I did. Got bored (or antsy) after 2 years, so I got married, and we went and hung out in Atlanta for a year, doing after school programs with AmeriCorps. My wife fell in love with the city, which was good, because we were starting to think that’s where we’d be hanging out for a while. Went back to Wheaton to finish out senior year there, and then headed South to Nashville so my brilliant and beautiful (and did I mention charming) wife could become a Family Nurse Practitioner. Met, worked with, and lived with some amazing people for two years there before making a trek to our now permanent (I think) home in North Minneapolis. Oh, yeah and along the way we had a baby, she’s 9 1/2 months and stupendously incredible.

Any Questions?

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  1. Hello Ariah-
    You and I corresponded before you moved to Nashville, and it sounds like you’ve now come and gone! Hope your stay here was good and that all is well for your family. I had followed a link to the “Major Flaw of Wheaton” entry and realized I knew who you were.

    Greetings from Nashville-
    Liza McQuinn Joffrion

  2. Thanks for the update, it’s interesting to see where people come from and go to. Your journey sounds exhausting!! You said you left ywam with more questions and doubts…have you found resolution to those or has time and experience covered that ground??

  3. So does that mean that Mindy married down? Just kidding Ariah. Hey, wanted to let you know that we sold a car (the one with payments on it) and are down to one car, the old white VW. And…I’m riding my bike to school everyday. We are loving it. Next up…dumpster diving. Thanks again for the inspiration Ariah!

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