Isn’t There Something Wrong with This?

Zach sent me this video the other day, which we both found very disturbing.

I understand the police reasoning is maybe, possibly, within the law, but it is laws that should be questioned then. These folks had homes until the police destroyed them. Can you imagine being homeless in a country like this? So much wealth and resources and yet, for one reason or another, you can’t make ends meet. Now your just trying to survive on the streets and the police, supposedly there to protect citizens, are destroying your homes, kicking you out of places you’ve found rest and safety in, and leaving you to wander.

Does this bother anyone else?

4 thoughts on “Isn’t There Something Wrong with This?”

  1. Glad you ladies were equally bothered.
    If you want to be even more disturbed (and you might not want to) click on the video and view the comments at youtube about it.
    Sad, so sad.

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