International Women’s Day

It’s 10:36pm on March 8th, and I just realized, thanks to my wife pointing it out, that’s it’s International Women’s Day. I’ll blame my own ignorance primarily, but it’s both sad and surprising that in my web browsing and activities of the day I didn’t notice a single recognition of this global celebration of women. I was well aware, thanks to several status updates, that yesterday was the Oscars, and I’ve already been reminded that St. Patty’s day is coming up, so how is it that we as a community can’t get it together to take one day to celebrate women? Okay, I know there is Mother’s day coming up, but apparently Minnesota officially believes catching fish trumps motherhood and regularly schedules fishing opener to conflict.

I have become, over the years, increasingly passionate about the issues and injustices that face women in our society and world. Both my amazing wife’s continual reminders and the past three years of raising our daughter have given me a greater passion and desire to speak out and act in solidarity with women against injustice. I know I probably won’t be the most eloquent or even accurate, but I encourage you, men and women, to step up and make your voices heard. I’m going to keep this from turning into a rambling rant and simply post some links to some random blogposts I’ve written on topics I think you should be concerned about:

5 thoughts on “International Women’s Day”

    1. Hmmm… I suppose you want a “white history month” too?

      I bet if men where oppressed for thousands of years, despite being 50%
      of the population and the primary bearers and raiser's of every
      generation, maybe men would get their own officially recognized day
      too. For now, men just have to settle with the world, history, and
      power unofficially centering around them.

  1. In truth, I don't want an International Men's Day, International Women's Day, or any month commemorating any particular racial group. I thought we were supposed to be post-racial, and post-gender? International Women's Day is sexist, and Black History Month is racist. I don't want any part of that.

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