Guest Writers Anyone?

I’ll start by saying I love writing, I also love reading. I enjoy talking to people and hearing others thoughts. I love that this blog has to a small degree become a place of dialog and a place were daily I can share and discuss with many others from different walks of life. I also know at times or maybe by some natural inclination, we might tend to flock towards people similar to us. It’s nice to be around people who will agree with you, but it’s probably not best.

I’m not sure how to do this in a way that works, but here’s my thoughts. Reading through my blogs you can get an idea of some of my values. If you read the comments of some of the regular readers around here, you can see that to some degree they share some of the same values. That’s not to say that we all think the same, but there are a number of shared beliefs, yet we still have interesting and constructive dialog. However, at the risk of offending someone, I think this dialog is lacking.

I’d like to open this blog somehow to those that think differently then me, that might disagree with my beliefs, my faith, my lifestyle choices, or anything else. I want to listen, not for a chance to argue, but for a chance to grow and learn. Hopefully for a chance to think through and experience a glimpse of life from a perspective I haven’t thought of before, or haven’t considered, or previously dismissed.

The Floor is yours. And there’s two ways we can do this. If you’d like just feel free to leave a comment below. But if you want to put a little more time and effort into it, use the contact form or mention below that you’d like to make an official post, and I’ll take five posts and make them each a daily post next week. Those posts will show up in the feed readers and email boxes of all the subscribers to my blog, it’s your chance to step on the platform and give voice to your concerns, my ears, and others are listening. If you drive an SUV, or wear Nike shoes, or drink lattes daily, the floor is yours. If you don’t believe in Jesus, or you do believe in Santa Claus and presents, the floor is yours. If you just wanted to finally have a chance to speak your mind to me, the floor is yours. And you have my word, I’ll do my best to listen and learn.

3 thoughts on “Guest Writers Anyone?”

  1. It sounds intriguing – I would love to participate if you would have me…the same goes for my blog; you think at a different level than I and I am sure the PP readers would find it interesting to see another perspective.

  2. Glad you like the idea Jamie, since you practically run the comment sections around here πŸ˜‰ Hopefully we’ll have a few people post.

    Virgil, Looking forward to your post.

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