Guest Book Review: Eve, by Elissa Elliot

This post courtesy of my lovely wife, a book review of Eve: A Novel of the First Woman, by Elissa Elliot, which I received as part of the Ooze Select Blogger program.


Eve For those of us who are women and/or looking for the female experience in the biblical narrative, many times we come up short.  The central figures of most biblical stories are males despite there being many female characters woven into the fabric of the entire biblical story.  As a woman you begin to wonder what life was like for all the women who are mentioned.  This novel is a refreshing story about what the first woman’s life may have been like.  The author takes care to use actual historical information, with a certain amount of literary creativity, to create a picture of what the lives of this first family may have been like from the perspective of all the women of the family. 

The style is much like that of The Poisonwood Bible with each female character taking it in turn to tell about formative events of the family. It uses the real dramatic version of the bible’s story of Adam and Eve to set the plot.   I enjoyed this story very much and would recommend it to other readers.


by Mindy Fine

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