Guess Who’s In The Star Tribune?

My Open Letter to Mayor Rybak got some publicity today in the Star Tribune!


From Dateline Minneapolis: Mayor Rybak, won’t you be our neighbor?:

Inveterate North Sider Buzzy Bohn and newcomer Ariah Fine independently extended similar invitations to Rybak to come on up to their part of the city…

While Bohn is a North Side veteran, area newcomer Fine issued a similar invitation. He and his family of four moved to a duplex a block off Broadway Avenue W. in late 2007, and he blogged an invitation to Rybak, with a side tweet to the mayor. Fine sounds genuinely impressed by Rybk’s commitment to the North Side:

"You’ve come out for events large and small, even when there were no cameras, to speak about the hope and potential of North. I’ve rarely spoken well of politicians and city officials when it comes to the forgotten parts of most cities, but I must say that so far it’s seemed as if you are more then just empty words.

"As you look for a place to call home, I believe there is no better place than north Minneapolis. And if you believe the words that you’ve spoken about this part of the city, I think you believe it too. Many politicians can talk the talk, paying lip service and then turn a blind eye, but here is your opportunity to walk the walk. Move to north Minneapolis."

No link to my letter or anything, but a little recognition is always fun.

3 thoughts on “Guess Who’s In The Star Tribune?”

  1. Oops. I meant to post the following comment on this post:

    "The quote from your letter is a good example of the tone you should set if you want to get published. I know your heart is to challenge injustice, but it's easy to write off someone who sounds angry (note to self). Praise where it's due never hurts. Think carrot and stick.

    Good job – and keep writing for justice. "

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