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Hey there, this is Ariah Fine, the author of the blog here. It’s not being updated regularly at the moment, I’m actually trying to move from a blog format to something that looks a little more like a conversation. Feel free to search and browse around and chime in with a comment on any of the old posts you find, I’ll be sure to comment back and engage in some conversation.

Life Ven Diagram

For you regular readers, I thought of a neat diagram to convey why I’m trying to take a break from blogging (Your probably saying this post and the others doesn’t really qualify as a break). I think you can understand the diagram so I won’t try and explain it.

I also spent a little bit of my creative time creating some banners for some of the better posts that I’ve written. Hopefully these will come together in some sort of worthwhile form.

Why I don’t Shop at Walmart
On Raising My Own Children
The False Charity of Clothing Drives A Major Flaw of Wheaton College

I’m also planning on beginning to podcast again, just short 5-10 minute deals, maybe a couple times a week. You can bookmark my podcast page or subscribe, or just check them out here:

Update: I’ve also added my YouTube Favorites Channel for your viewing pleasure. Check back regularly as I’ll be adding new videos constantly.

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