Comment Love: Encouraging the Conversation

Let me start by saying I have been truly blessed to have people regularly stop by and read my thoughts. It’s been encouraging to me in a great many ways unique to the way writing and blogs can produce conversation. Here, I can share deep thoughts I’ve been reflecting on and not only have the opportunity to be listened to, but also to engage in a conversation that challenges my thinking and spurs me on to being a better person.

In an effort to encourage the conversation even further, and to bless you and others through the conversation, I’ve implemented something called Comment Love. Some Random Dude, gave me the idea and I thought it was a neat way to both encourage further conversation and support some good causes at the same time. Here’s the run down of Comment Love:

  • Each comment in the May is worth $0.25 that will be given away at the end of the month.
  • The comments should be thoughtful and engage in the conversation (no trying to run up the numbers).
  • The limit will be $50 (Sorry, the pockets aren’t that deep), but if it’s a success I might try again next month.
  • I haven’t decided which organization to give to yet, so I’ll let the top commenters decide at the end of the month (Anyone gonna give Jamie a run for her money?). Here’s the options I had in mind: Kiva, Invisible Children, or IJM

There’s no catch or anything fancy here, just a chance to spread the love a little and encourage the conversation. I have made a few other changes to the blog recently also. Here’s a brief explanation…

  • New Design– A while ago I mentioned wanting to change my blog to a dark background to save energy. This was a great design I’ve been hoping to use that recently became available.
  • Gravatars– I’ve added an icon/image/gravatar feature, that’s your little profile picture next to your comments. If you haven’t done so already, sign up for one at It’s extremely easy and only takes a minute to enter your email and upload your image. (If you don’t, I might end up figuring out how to choose one for you myself 😉
  • Share This- For those who like passing on blog posts, this link should make it easy. If you do any social bookmarking it’s got everything listed, and if you want to email someone it’s easy as pie, just enter their email address!
  • WordPress 2.1– Not that most of you care, but I upgraded to 2.1, it’s nice.
  • Asides- This is going to be a collection of mini random posts that will only be available on the bog, not through the rss or email subscriptions. Stay tuned.

If you haven’t done so already, be sure to subscribe to the blog posts or comments so you can easily keep updated on the conversation.

17 thoughts on “Comment Love: Encouraging the Conversation”

  1. definitely like the new design. and the comments thing is a great idea.

    were you the one who told me about the black google interface?

  2. Zach and Indie,
    two of my favorite commenters and still no gravatar? It’s not too hard, and I did warn you, if your not careful, I’m gonna put one up for you.
    Indie, you’ll be glad to know your back on there, and all it took was a comment.
    Zach, now that is funny. I’m going to have to think through what it was like to read all Jamie’s comments as if they were thompson’s…

    I might have been the one to mention black google, I blogged about it a while back. Have you tried out stylish on firefox to get the black google?

  3. Richard and everyone,

    Now the picture doesn’t have to be of you, it could be a comic book character, a pretty sunset or anything. I just think something is better then just a question mark…

    And here might be a good time to say that my comments don’t count toward the comment love count. I just haven’t figured out how to remove them from the total…

  4. It’s awesome to see the idea of Comment Love spreading to new blogs – especially this one. I wish you the best of luck in your venture. 🙂

  5. hehe That’s hilarious that I come off as a male in my comments. Hmmm…I bet I would really like this Thompson guy. 🙂

    I really dig the “comment love” idea. I really like all your options for who to donate to as well. All are amazing organizations that I’d be honored to comment like crazy for. You know me, though, I’ve already been doing it for free. hehe Can I put in my personal vote for KIVA?? I really like what they’re all about and studied them thoroughly this past December for a “compassionate giving” entry on my own blog.

    Anyway, LOVE the new layout! Keep the conversations coming. You are such a blessing.


  6. Hey! If Jamie gets to vote, then I do too 🙂 I vote for Samaritan’s Purse (non-profit international relief organization). After the huge tsunami a couple years ago, they were the ONLY non-profit organization allowed in many of the Asian countries because of the relationships they had built with the people there. Even organizations like Red Cross were kept out, but because of the love of Christ that Samaritan’s Purse showed, they were welcomed with open arms and allowed to both help out and spread the Gospel.

  7. P.S. I had to check Kiva out as well. I love the idea, but it’s hard for me to be willing to donate the money I earned to some random person…Am I wrong? I have no problem giving to valid organizations who are willing and able to help people, but it seems weird to give to someone with no credentials and no background. What am I missing?

  8. Brian,

    Hmmm…How about giving to people in need in “real life”…you know, people you don’t really *know* per sey, like you have no idea what their background is, or their character for that matter, but you can see they have a definaite and very real need for cash to help pull them out of their struggles. Would you turn them away??(scratch)

    FWIW, if you’ll read their “About Us” page, you’ll find KIVA works hand in hand with other reputable companies to help spread the wealth in the communities they work in. So I think there is definately relationship involved. They will also send you updates of what your money is doing in the lives of the people who are using it.

    Hope this helps a little…


  9. For what it’s worth, I donate to Kiva and have been thoroughly impressed with the operation. It has now become a monthly staple for our family.

  10. Jamie, that makes a lot of sense. I’m not sure where I was going with that thought, exactly, because you’re completely right. How is that different than giving to someone on the street? And as you pointed out, it’s actually better since you can see the results of your money. Thanks for putting that into perspective for me 🙂 God bless!

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