Christmas is Not Your Birthday

Every year the holiday season comes around and I quietly cry to myself about how terribly consumeristic and self-centered it all seems to be. I’ll post something here and there, but mostly I worry about ruining people’s mood and being a pessimist.

Well, this holiday season I’m going to try and talk about some of this and point out some alternative options for the Holiday’s that you might want to consider.

Today, I thought you should check out CoolPeopleCare and their new “Christmas is Not Your Birthday” Campaign. Sign up for their email and take the five minutes a day it takes to read it and respond.

2 thoughts on “Christmas is Not Your Birthday”

  1. i feel your pain. i remember having a tearful discussion with mindy one night at “red tent” about my frustration with the whole thing. i have been struggling with how to handle the whole christmas thing, but ben and i decided on something that was inspired by something mindy told me you guys did…using money we would use for gifts to donate to a charity, and we will ask our family members to do the same with the money they would spend on us. i am excited, and relieved.
    thanks for the inspiration!

  2. well phooey. i just wrote a long blog on this very idea of alternative christmas gifts, and if i’d kept up with your blog i’d have seen you were already addressing the same. 🙂 oops!

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