Christmas is Coming

First of all, let me say my family is awesome. I think we are going to go all out this Christmas and do something fairly spectacular. I think, we are going to give a big donation to something like building a clean water well or sponsoring a family or something, rather then giving gifts. It’s a great step, one I’d like to encourage others to take.
So, within reason, I’d like to try and highlight some giving alternatives for folks over the next few weeks. I know your maybe starting your Christmas shopping already, so please be patient and consider giving in honor of your loved ones rather then giving them more stuff they don’t need.

To start, check out Christmas is Not Your Birthday over at CoolPeopleCare. And if your ambitious and want to spread some internet buzz put the banner up on your site by doing this.
Put a corner banner on your blog by putting this html in your post:

If you need help knowing how to put html in a post just ask.

Tis the Season friends.

3 thoughts on “Christmas is Coming”

  1. hey Ariah,

    your posts are always the coolest. and I say that as a Hindu– everything you say about being a true Christian can also be applied to all folks, of all religions (or not)… i always learn something when i read your posts.


  2. Yesha,

    Again, thank you for the encouragement. I’m honored that you find them challenging and not distrubing coming from someone who professes Christ.

  3. Some of my best friends are Christians… 😉

    seriously though, i have no problems with Christians, or folks who profess Christ. the kind of Hinduism I was brought up with is eclectic and all embracing, and so we were brought up to respect Christ as a great man, a saint and even perhaps an incarnation of God.

    Plus the true teachings of Christ, if anyone were to actually follow them, are among the greatest teachings that anyone can follow… only fanatical Hindus would not admit this…

    my only problem is when people (of any religion) feel that they need to convert those of other religions.

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