Chris Lugo for State Senator

Chris Lugo
I figure any guy with dreadlocks seems like a good canidate for state senator in my book. The truth is I met Chris at a Peace Coalition meeting at NPJC back in the fall. I feel like his platform is worth a look and I’d suggest you check out what he has to say:

I am a resident of East Nashville and have been living in Tennessee for ten years. I am 36 years old and have been working in the community as a peace activist for ten years, with the Nashville Peace Coalition, Nashville Peace and Justice Center and Middle Tennessee Green Party.

I have put together this web site to tell you why I think I should be your next Senator and why you should vote for peace.

The war in Iraq is entering its third year with no end in sight. We have lost many thousands of people to this war and our international reputation and our ethical and moral standing in the world have been severely compromised. I believe it is time to end this immoral, unethical and illegal war.

Read more at his website.

One thought on “Chris Lugo for State Senator”

  1. I know that Chris would be supporting a Democrat…if any of them stood up for peace.

    I’ve known him since the wrongful election of 2004 when I would gather a few people together and go to Nashville to be at one of his rallies. If he wasn’t running a peaceful rally, he was there interviewing and writing about it. When the truth was hard to come by, Chris had already been writing it for years on Independent Media. 9/11 had inspired him to look for and print the truth.

    He’s educated on Tenn Care issues, Mountaintop Removal Issues, alternative energy, air free radio, the war, politics, and all the things that nice people have a hard time looking at. He’s a really nice guy who doesn’t stand for being run over by corporate America. Though I’m a lot older, I can learn a lot from him.

    When the Republicans were being loud and obnoxious bullies and Democrat parties were no where to be seen, Chirs was out there. Our local Democrats had meetings but shunned action. They were afraid to be seen with progressives. It was all about looking good and supporting other Democrats. Pretty much disgusted me. As much as Republicans scared me, Democrats were scaring me more.

    I thank Chris and others for using their voices and standing up for all of us. He is fighting for the Earth and peace. I guess his integrity drives him so. I’m giving Green and Chris a vote.

    Debbie Boen
    Organizer of Clarksville Freethinkers for Peace and Civil Liberties

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