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Random Thursdays

If I could figure out a way to smash random (or some other word) and Thursday together I’d make this a regular weekly posting just like YouTubesdays… Bonus points for someone who thinks of something creative.

Anyways, I do want to share a collection of things I’ve been posting over at On The Journey. Maybe this is just another lame attempt to convince you to subscribe. If you do subscribe you can expect a collection like the one below in your inbox daily, or your RSS reader…

The Kingdom Jesus established is anarchistic in that it recognizes God alone as the arche (supreme power). It thus lives free from all other powers (an-arche [anarchy] means without authority). Governments are part of the fallen, oppressed world system that has been done away with in Christ.  –Greg Boyd

Hate is easy; Love takes courage(via inyourcar)

What if we took all our money and possessions and gave them all to God & had to ask to use them. Would we spend money the same way? -Keane

He also began to suspect, since he was so much busier than anybody else, that he was the leader.” -Kurt Vonnegat, p. 41, Slaughter House Five (via. Keane’s Notebooks)

Before you contradict an old man, my fair friend, you should endeavor to understand him.
-George Santayana (via megaphonic)

No Matter What People Tell You…

But there will be a few renegades and other out-of-step people who will be given eyes to perceive the kingdom. They will listen to the homeless leader who owned one change of clothes, didn’t budget to pay his taxes, and was an affront to self-respecting, responsible believers. -Robert Lupton

Margaret Atwood

Somethings different. (via mudpuppy and

Somethings different. (via mudpuppy and

odds of dying from…

I don’t know the key to success but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.  -Bill Cosby

“Pablo” by Sir X (via. jkleske)

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What Should I Read About: Marriage

Every year, since I’ve been married (five years on June 21st!), I tried to read at least one book on marriage. That’s advice from Jerry Root, Pre-marriage counselor extraordinaire, who also suggest that in twenty years you write a book on marriage, because then as a couple you’ll have 40 years experience and the collective knowledge of 40+ marriage books.

Anyways, I haven’t read one this year so I’m looking for suggestions. But, I’m also just looking for blog posts, articles, advice, etc. If you’ve got some thing leave a comment, or paste the URL below:

And since we are on the topic of marriage, here is me and my beautiful bride on our wedding day…

What Should I Read About: Foreclosures?

I posted on the topic of foreclosures early this week, mostly with a brainstorm idea on what I think could help remedy some of the problems low income neighborhoods face. It was met with some thought provoking challenges, that I’m trying to consider. That being said, I would love to read if anyone has written or read other posts about Foreclosures, the housing crisis, and particularly what the role of the church and/or us as individuals should be in the midst of this. Any ideas?
If so add them to the list below, just post the URL (and your name or the name of the article) below…

And feel free to comment below or above with anything else you think I should read.

What Should I Read About: Race?

It’s that time again, looks like this worked pretty well last week. I read some interesting articles about immigration and race, a Brennan Manning Video and some thoughts from McClaren on simplicity. Pretty interesting, but I’d like to hear more.
I figured maybe I’d do a themed one this time. If you’ve come across a well written or challenging blog post or new article or something on the topic of Race recently I’d love to see it. Just post it (and your name or the name of the article) below…

Daniels post from last week was great and I’d love to see your feedback on it too so go visit.

You Tell Me What I Should Read

This little activity was terribly unsuccessful last week, but I thought I’d try again anyways.
Also, I would have thought yesterdays post would have gathered more comments, but I guess not.

Here’s an enticing photo from our camera fun last weekend.

Okay, now to the point of the post. Below is a linking widget that allows you to post the URL of a website, blog post or article that you think I should read. It can definitely be your own post but it doesn’t have to be. The links are public so others can view them as well (think of it as free publicity for your amazing writing).

Challenge Me or Provoke Me Thursdays

In an attempt to keep up with the latest news, events, and blogosphere happenings, I’ve put the rss reader on hold and am asking for personal recommendations. I found this cool auto-linking code, so you can posts suggested readings right to my blog post.

Feel free to recommend something you’ve written yourself, or something you read elsewhere. Assuming your a long time reader you already know what I’m interested in and what I might find thought provoking, but feel free to recommend something that challenges things I’ve written in the past, I’m always interested in a different point of view.

We’ll see how this goes.

Links: Voting, Britney, Campolo, Politics, Bono, Exxon and Immigrants

I’ve got a LOT of conversations that I’ve read and haven’t had time to really comment on or dialog about, too many to keep up, so I’ll just post them below like I have before. Hope you find one you enjoy. All bloggers and blogs that I would highly recommend…

Jesus: They call me Jesus. I come begging for help for my twelve friends. When we got off the plane, we asked for asylum. They were being persecuted in our homeland for following me. But the U.S. government officials didn’t believe us. Everyone but me is in expedited removal.. .they are all being sent back. I managed to slip away and came here to this church to ask for help.

Congregation: The United States has laws to keep terrorists out of our country. You are one of 13 Middle Eastern men. We heard about you. You meet in rented rooms, you go into the mountains for private meetings, no one knows where you get your money, and you travel by boat and meet with strangers. You are trying to organize the poor and the oppressed. The United States does not welcome Middle Eastern men, who meet in secret. You could very well be a terrorist. Expedited removal will make certain you can’t harm us. We are sorry, but you and the 12 other men will have to leave. It’s the law.

Links: Vegetarian, Violence, Samaritan, Purple People, Voting, Green and Corporations

Links: Chickens, Afghanistan, Pastors, Racism, and Grace

“I do not at all understand the mystery of grace – only that it meets us where we are but does not leave us where it found us.”

Links: Diapers, Adventures, Politics, Whores, and Business

This is What I’ve read:

A lot of times we cry about not having everything we want, even though
we’ve got plenty more than we need. It’s ironic that we whine and moan
about our own individual deficits when so many more need so much more.
We are quick to mourn what we don’t have, forgetting to juxtapose our lives next to others who seem to manage despite not having what they really need.