Book Review: Bird By Bird by Anne Lamott

This will be short (Internet fickle amonst other excuses). I finished Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott earlier this week. It was the most “practical” of the books I’ve written by her, because it’s on the topic of writing. She teaches writing classes and workshops and wrote this book to put down the advice she shares with countless students year in and year out. It was a very encouraging read, because, as I’ve said before about Lamott, she makes the ordinary parts of life seems so interesting.

The book gave me encouragement as a writer to continue to write, if not for some lofty goal of being published (which she warns is not all it’s cracked up to be), then simply for your self.

I’d recommend picking up this book if your a writer or would like to be. Definitely worth a bit of your time.

I normally include some quotes, and I plan on adding them later, but I don’t have the time right now. So, this concludes your weekly book review.

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