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Those who have faithfully read my blog as it’s progressed over the last year or two should be happy that this is the first of these sorts of posts in quite a while. As I was getting started it seemed like every week, or every other post, I was talking about the blog, asking people’s thoughts on the design, etc. Well, I’ve avoided it for a while, some will be proud (kudos welcome).

I’ve been posting one blog post a day for the last few months now and I have every intention of continuing. Hopefully this has made it easier to take in, like choice morsels of caramel each day (or maybe prunes). I’ve also been doing mini-series of posts, which I’ve enjoyed writing as the desire to write about certain things has arisen. I’m also eager to sort of go back and bring up two older series, Considering Church and Thoughts on War.

The main reason I’m writing this fairly worthless self-reflective post, with the rambling above which I deleted, is to acknowledge that sometimes writing is hard to do. I have a bunch of ideas bouncing around in my head right now which I would love to write down, but I can’t seem to find the motivation at the moment.

However, I’m excited to acknowledge that I’ve been making an effort to go to bed earlier and to wake up earlier, which has been a very positive experience for me. I leave you with a brief list of upcoming changes/additions/ideas for what I’d like to do with the site in the future:

  • Update/fix my About Me page
  • do cool theme banners like Josh
  • re-design and promote the required reading and podcast pages
  • highlight and update the podcast more
  • update to wordpress 2.2
  • create downloadable booklets about various topics in pdf format
  • integrate better sidebar content
  • Sorry this post was lame. I’m just in a struggling writing mood.

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  1. I know what you mean…I haven’t known what to write on my xanga in a long time…and you’re right, this is the first post in a long time that’s about the blog. I’ve really been enjoying your blog, by the way.

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