Blog Recap 2007

I’m jumping in on the blog recapping that so many seem to be doing with a look back at their statistics for the previous year. So, here’s a look back at Trying to Follow 2007 a number of different ways.

I wrote 379 Blog Posts, viewed by over 50,000 visitors who spent an average of 1:30 visiting about 2 pages at Trying to Follow.

Top 5 Most Viewed Posts:

  1. Why I ditched Dave Ramsey
  2. Jena Six: Racism Still exist in the South
  3. Failing Reading Scores = Prison Cells
  4. Fair Trade Footwear: Walk a Mile in Ethical Shoes
  5. Team Hoyt: A Story of Incredible Love and Passion

Top Keywords Searched:

  1. dave ramsey
  2. jena six
  3. whitney cerak
  4. radiant magazine
  5. the jena six
  6. audacity skype
  7. planet walker
  8. consumption junction
  9. jena louisana

Most Commented On:

That’s About it. Hope You Enjoyed. I plan on continuing to write in 2008 so now would be a good time for you to subscribe to the blog! Maybe you’ll help me meet me New Year’s Resolution of 200 Subscribers!

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